Sending Data to

Just had my Tempest delivered here in Australia.
Set up easily & the link to Weather Underground went through 1st time.
I would like to send Data to as well (Preferably)
Windy supply an API Key but I cant seem to find where to enter this in the Tempest App.

Is it possible to send Data to Windy - or is a 3rd party device like the Meteobridge required…??

Hello Rob
Welcome to the fun with Weatherflow.

yes yo need to use a third party solution like MeteoBridge, WeeWx etc to send to other weather related systems.

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Hi Rob at the shed,
An option I was using to send my data to was from ArchiveSW which is a program that @GaryFunk created that runs on a raspberry pi computer. ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage
I am interested to see your location. If you are happy to share your location you can add your link to your profile. Request to add your weather station share link in your profile
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thanks Ian
I have just added the link in my profile - then read your message…!!
I was hoping Windy might be as easy as Weather Underground - but that I had just missed the link…
Looking through the Junk Box, I have found an old TP-Link MR3020. So I might try flashing it with Meteobridge. I had been hoping to keep hardware to a minimum.

Woo, that’s sounds possibly within the realms of what I could do. Does the flashed Meteobridge have a GUI or is it all programming?

I’m just reading up on it and see that meteobridge doesn’t support mesh wifi networks, is this still the case?

MeteoBridge has a GUI

this is running on a TL-MR3020V3

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So - a question…
How does the data get to the Meteobridge…??
Does it take the place of the Hub…??
Or is it independent…sucking data back from the Net via Wifi & then sending again via Wifi to the Web…??
I haven’t found mention of how it actually fits in the system - only what it does.

The Meteobridge listens to the UDP packets sent by the Tempest hub. If you have the Meteobridge connected via WiFi, instead of wired to your network, you need to make sure the access points are set to broadcast UDP packets. My Aruba access points were set to block UDP packets so I had to find where that setting was and tell them to broadcast them. Apparently wired network devices default to pass them on. Reading the UDP packets allows the Meteobridge to work independently of WF servers for data acquisition.

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Looking at the options - I am down to.
Meteobridge - costing A$105 for the licence. + the TL-MR3020

WeeWx (Free)

At this stage I am leaning towards WeeWx - as I am already running WeatherFlow Pi Console & can run both on the same device.

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@mark5 - Don’t think the mesh bit will work.
I had an Old TP-3020 Ver1.9 in the junk box.
I can confirm it is very easy to install & setup Meteobridge, & I have data on Windy now.
U$65 - A$105 if I want to keep it after 14 days.

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