Tempest ambient meteobridge question. Need help

Hello, I am still waiting on my Tempest which arrives Friday and just finished installing my ambient meteobridge and was wondering how does the tempest weather data from my home get Ingested into the meteobridge? I have already connected it via cat 6 cable to my nighthawk and have it online and selected Tempest as my main weather station. I will be installing my Tempest station this Saturday but was just wondering how the data flows into the bridge. Since the meteobridge is on my network and is connected to my nighthawk will it automatically ingest data when the tempest is up in running? Last time I had it connected was with an ambient weather station using the gw1000 but was told I don’t need it anymore since i am using a Tempest station. Sorry if this is confusing just wanted someone to explain a bit
More to me how the tempest and meteobridge see each other. I also already did an IP reservation for the meteobridge so incase there’s a reboot the IP won’t change.

Any advise or explaination will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Adrian

I believe that the Meteobridge listens for the UDP packets transmitted by the Tempest Hub on the local subnet. (If the setup asked for your WF account credentials or an access token, then it is connecting to the WF web API to get your data and probably not using the UDP.)

I have never used Meteobridge with WF hardware, because I refuse to pay Boris for an annual support plan to get the upgrades that were included for free when I initially purchased Meteobridge…

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The meteobridge listen to the UDP packages on your local network and ingests them, once it has done it’s work it’l forward them to the services you choose.
But don’t forget to setup your Tempest completely next to that so it can talk to the WeatherFlow servers :slight_smile:

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Hello, the meteobridge only asked me to choose a primary weather station which i then selected weather flow. I was just wondering how the data flows into the meteobridge once i get the station hooked up. The meteobridge is connected to my nighthawk via a cat 6 cable is online but no data into CWOP or WU yet since its not connected. There is no need to setup WU through weatherflow since its going to be getting the data from the meteobridge right?

The Tempest’s Hub sends tiny UDP broadcast packets to every single device on your local network whenever there is a new sensor reading taken. Meteobridge listens for these broadcasts. There’s nothing to configure. It just magically works!

Unlike whatever weather station you have used in the past, WeatherFlow really made it this easy to access YOUR data without kludges, packet-sniffing interceptors, etc. As I’ve said before, I can’t sing enough praises for whoever came up with the idea to send observation packets out live via UDP
broadcasts, and think that they should be nominated for a Nobel Prize or something…


Ah perfect so there is nothing else to do other then to hook up the station. Thx for the replies!

That is correct, unless you hook up the Meteobridge to your network over Wi-Fi. In that case you must have the Wi-Fi access point(s) configured to broadcast the UDP packets. At least some APs block outgoing UDP by default as was the case with my Aruba APs.

I know you said yours is wired to your network so you won’t have this issue but thought maybe this would help someone else.

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So I am testing the tempest indoors and I see my data on the tempest app but nothing on WU and getting a red x in the meteobridge. You guys sure there’s nothing other configuration that needs to be done in the meteobridge other than selectingy weather station? Confused

The WU conditions display on the app connected via tempest app but the meteobridge is still not working.

So CWOP works! WU still down

It’s all up I was not using the correct key for WU. :roll_eyes: question on the retry’s for each one is there a specific one or leave in 0 for each one?

I have ‘no retry’ for all and it works nicely. Guess maybe on slow networks or low quality it might have some use but for me … all is well

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