Ambient weatherbridge

I searched but couldn’t find a fix, I recently bought the Ambient Weatherbridge and I noticed that the tempest server does not show the “false” rain from yesterday since it was sunny all day. However since the Weatherbridge gets info from the UDP/Hub it shows the the false rain from the vibrations the station records. Anyway to change where it gets the info from? Any advice if any would be appreciated

I’ve never heard of that device and what little info I can find online doesn’t mention WF. Can you point us to instructions for how it can be set up to read the WF Hub UDP broadcasts ?

[update - I see this seems possible - Ambient Weather WEATHERBRIDGE Universal WIFI IP Ethernet Server for Weather Stations mentions WF but the manual does not, so I can’t guess how you would set it up from what I can find online]

That said, the Hub broadcasts what its sensors report, so you kinda get what you get when you use the UDP broadcasts. If you’re viewing corrected rain online on the WF site you are probably seeing RainCheck tweaked values (for better or worse). They’ll likely differ from the sum of the UDP broadcasts.

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Thanks for at least looking into it man. I do appreciate it! I can live with it.

from the screenshot this is typical a meteobridge device or at least based on it sold under a brand

Ambient has the USA sales rights for Meteobridge, and sells it under the Weatherbridge label.

My suggestion is to ask this question at the Meteobridge support forums, specifically asking if there is a way to pull certain observation values from the WeatherFlow web API and not the UDP broadcasts…