Tempest Weatherflow rain gauge question

Just installed the station and so far so good with one exception. The station has generated a rain accumulation reading that cannot be correct since the unit was still indoors being configured to WiFi/App etc. what should I make of this? Since the station has been outside it’s been sunny the entire day. My fear is that it’s using data based on my location and not a true and accurate rain measurement. Throwing darts here but figured someone might have some ideas. Thank you.
Nick - Johns Island SC

go in settings/stations/your station//manage devices/your device/advanced/

and just use delete all data so you start fresh

if you are generating vibrations by moving the unit, or perhaps your setup generates some due to strong winds, the haptic rain sensor might interpret those as rain. The unit needs some good support.

Eric, thanks for what would appear to be the easiest solution. Started fresh! Sunny, thank you for your reply as well. Nick

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