Raincheck accuracy and adjusting rainfall readings

Hello Weatherflow users. Help/advice needed on my rainfall settings and Raincheck

We had tremendous winds here in the UK last week - over 90mph. As has happened before my rain readings went haywire (I must find some way of securing the unit better) and recorded 240mm of rain (actually around 30 or 40mm fell). Attached is a screenshot of

the recording for the day.

Two questions:

  1. Isn’t Raincheck (which is active on my device) supposed to correct clearly wild readings like this?
  2. Is there any way of retroactively adjusting the reading myself? (Like I can add to my recorded steps on my iPhone :slight_smile: )



PS The station is at Tempest
If you want a closer look

I’m asking someone with more knowledge. NC rain did already lower the value (was even worse) but I can’t say more (this thing is so complex only ‘real’ geeks understand :joy:)

Looking at a map of your area, there was another sensor nearby that had a similar reading down on the coast near Lydd.

My guess is that WeatherFlow used that in it’s NearCast calculation which further threw off your reading.

Yes, there aren’t many devices nearby, and we were all subjected to the wind so I suspect we’re all similarly off.

Do you know if it’s possible to amend (or delete) individual data items - this reading is throwing off my record-keeping!

Your NC was adjusted and is more near what you got (not easy without real local measurement via a graduated gauge for example). It was processed right now and the total is way way lower.

NC rain in the UK is still learning. It was activated not to long ago. For now it was decided not to mess with the learning but if with a next nice shower it once more gives such impossible values, write here again and it will be looked over once more (hopefully with more data) and the system will be manually ‘helped’ :slight_smile:

And nope it isn’t possible to just adjust a few data points (in your case several hours of data) We looked at several sources nearby (not just Tempest) and … how to say … when you see rain systems with cups giving like a full liter of rain … must have been pretty rough …

If it is possible help as described on this page, it will help calibrate your station (and would benefit others around too)