Weatherflow calibration and other rain related problems

Hello to all owners of TEMPEST weather stations. I open this new discussion to discuss some things with you and to ask if you are interested in what I propose.

As many of you have reported (I have not read all the forum discussions) the Tempest station very often does not correctly detect rainfall like other reference stations.

I noticed after several months of tests that the problems related to the incorrect reading of the rain are mainly 2: 1 is linked to an incorrect calibration of the station while another is due to the vibrations that the station undergoes, for example if installed on a pole that is not very stable or when the wind becomes more sustained than usual (for example even if fixed by a firm base support, exceeding 40 km / h of wind the station detected precipitation even if in reality it was not raining). On pole installations this is amplified and even with winds below 40 km / h I detected incorrect precipitation readings.

I wonder: had other users noticed this too ?? Have you made any comparisons with manual rain gauges or with other stations? If you have had any of these problems it would be helpful to understand which problem you have encountered. Thank you

Now comes my question related to the discussion: to overcome the problem of incorrect calibration, in the months of testing I collected the data of the tempest and of the reference station, data relating to various rain rates, I sent them to the weatherflow that I have to say quickly and professionally created the calibration curve on several points.

But I found that in case I need to reset the station or maybe by chance a problem and it resets itself I lose the calibration of the station. So I think it might be more useful to be able to enter the calibration manually, so that you can have the calibration data available so that you can re-enter them in case you need to reset the station. For example, you could enter a specific calibration command on the app or page of the station where you can set the calibration.

wouldn’t it be easier if it just didn’t loose the calibration of the station? I think, in the case of rain, the calibration itself would be a rather complex fitting procedure, and not a single multiplication factor.