Total Rain seems high


A few days ago we had a heavy rain day and my SWS reported 219mm of rain for the day. Now it was heavy rain but 219mm seem a bit high when the news was reporting that a suburb next to mine had the highest rain level for the day of 77mm. I have found that my station seems to generally report higher than what I would expect.

Is there something wrong with my station or is the calibration off??

There is indeed something ‘weird’. Just checked your data and the wind didn’t seem particular gusty during rain that could indicate false rain via vibration.

Let’s call @wfsupport to have a look at your data and maybe it indeed needs some tweaking in calibration.


Hi Thomas,
If the mount isn’t rock solid, heavy rain can induce vibrations that seem to elevate the measured amount. That being said, mine does the same thing. It can be off by a factor of 2, either high or low. The best response I’ve gotten to date from WF is that it will “learn” from nearby weather stations. What I think of that “solution” isn’t fit to type here. It kind of reminds me of the old “weather rock”. When it’s wet, it’s raining. When it’s dry, it’s not. Good luck.


I’ve had it for over a year and it seems to always read higher rain reading. I guess my unit has a learning deficiency.
It’s a shame because the point of buying a PWS is to get reasonably accurate reading.

And it’s mounted on a steel pipe that’s secure. I’m sure it would get some high frequency vibrations but what should I mount it on to get zero vibrations?

Somewhere, a couple of years ago, I think I saw the test setup was an array of vertically oriented steel pipes. High frequency vibrations that don’t resemble raindrops should be filtered out.

My station has been running for a couple of months now. I also have a Davis station with a very carefully calibrated rain gauge. Initially the Weatherflow rain reporting was all over the map but after a week or two it got much better. I have noticed though that it tends to over report during heavy downpours and under reports in light misty conditions. We had a day last week that was light/misty all day. The Davis recorded 0.28 inches and the Weatherflow recorded ZERO. I really hope it gets better. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Mine continue to be horribly off reality.

CoCoRAHS manual gauge was 0.74" which matches up with the VP2 exactly. The low/high two Sky units differ a little but are pretty similar.

Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 7.52.24 AM