Tempest reports 3/4" of rain, actual rain was almost 1.5"

We setup our Tempest over the weekend… Easy to do from the app to actual hardware install… except the 1" EMT conduit seems slightly smaller in diameter then what the Tempest really wants so the Tempest has some wiggle room…

ANYWAYS… It rained HARD yesterday here in Georgia… Our old school rain gauge reported 1.4" and our Tempest reported right around .75" inch… They sit about 10’ apart with no trees or obstructions… Thoughts?

It’s perfectly level, facing true North…

Hi and welcome @t3chworx,
There are many issues with accurate rainfall especially involving your mount. Weatherflow apply different calibrations for different situations and it continually changes without your knowledge. To help with your calibrations you can fill in a report which they use to continuously recalibrate your settings. The report form is here

I only have a Sky which is an earlier version and the accuracy due to different types of rain can sometimes be perfect then it will be way off by 50% to 200% or if a loose vibrating mount can be huge amounts of rain due to wind vibrations without any rain. Which might have the effect of reducing your calibration for the vibration effect thus then not recording rain during light drops.
I considered moving your post into the most appropriate topic but there are so many rain topics I could not choose the best. I recommend that you use the search feature to search on ‘rain’ and ‘raincheck’ to learn others experiences.
And make sure your mount is secure without any movement or vibrations.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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