Rain way off again

Can anyone please tell me how in the world can I expect my rain totals to ever get better with tempest when it is all over the place. Perfect example is today, we are having on and off varying degrees of rain all morning and I had 0.05 rain on my Davis and accurite before tempest even recorded one bit of measurable rainfall, and now we are 0.11 behind for the day. This is after I brought tempest down 2feet lower on my tripod changed to a very sturdy steel pole mount and everything is nice and tight. Now tempest can’t feel the raindrops hitting on top to give me some kind of decent reading. It’s just not picking up the count until very late and I’m going on three months of this nonsense with rain that makes no sense at all. Very turned off about this to say the least.

What’s the url to your weather station?

What exactly do you need ? I’m not sure what to give you? My station I’d is 21136 let me know, thanks

Also tempest st is 00001517 and device I’d is 71459 if that helps