Rain record evaporated

Yesterday my Tempest recorded 2 periods of rain ranging from very light to moderate. That seemed to match what I saw. The total was 0.04”. Not much rain but it still counts and was recorded.

This morning I do not see any rain record from yesterday. I would expect any recorded info to be retained. It should be.

What happened to my rain?

if you live in the USA, there is something named raincheck running in the hours after midnight. It tries to correct the total amount of rain recorded. So next morning the value might change.

I’m having the same issue: Raincheck increasingly inaccurate

The raincheck appears to be dubious at best. For the past couple of days, raincheck alternated between receiving 0.11 inches or 0.89 inches - talk about wild swings.

Sorry to hear, I know we invested in this brand new technology early, if I had it to do over I would have waited a couple of years to see if it were possible to fix. I still say it will be their biggest obstacle to figure out. My other two rain gauges in accurite and Davis are right on, but I hate to see tempest so far off when it pours.

Ok. Thanks. I just turned rain check off

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I have an Acurite Atlas and Tempest mounted within 8 feet of each other for the past couple of weeks. In that time period, the Tempest and Atlas have been off by more than 0.25 inches in rain totals. The Tempest has always reported more rain than the Atlas.

Hey buddy, do you know how we can or will get updates on tempest? I was told that they intend to turn on the Ai full throttle real soon if not already and I don’t know what that means when that happens. If you have any input please let me know.

I have no nformation about this. Sorry

Updates are automatic, there is nothing you need to do. The Tempest is hardware + firmware + software + a bunch of magic sauce at WF so it is imperative that they keep things updated for the whole network.

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