Tempest data Not showing on WU but online

Hello, just setup with tempest outside its online but the data is not showing up on WU and it’s not updating properly can someone look into this?? Please



Cwop is also not updating properly yet it shows everything is online.

Hello, I think u will be dissatisfied even if wu is working because weatherflow doesn’t support rapid fire for tempest, so it is painful waiting for it to update.

But wait is my station updating properly? I don’t see wind pressure etc. how often does it update? Meteobridge supports rapid update?

Meteobridge doesn’t support rapid fire, Weewx does

When I had my ambient ws2000 on my ambient weather meteobridge it was updating very frequently. Look at my CWOP page it’s not updating yet it has a green check showing online in the meteobridge. It’s working fine on the tempest app.




I use a meteobridge and when I used it for Tempest with a 5 seconds interval, it just ignored the setting but maybe this has been solved because we got a zillion updates on meteobridge :slight_smile:
In any case I have forwarded the WU problem internally but it’s Thanksgiving, might take some time to get a reply. Not the full team is on guard.

Oh thx so much Eric!! I thought I was going crazy I did everything right on my end but something isn’t right on WU as you can see data is missing. So what I do wait for your response from WU here? Anything else I can do?

do I understand that you push your Tempest data to WU via meteobridge ?? not directly via the Tempest app ?

So i tried first via meteobridge and it wasn’t updating though it had a green check. Question in the tempest app it ask for a key but is it the short key or long api key?

Edit wow after adding the short key it’s all there on WU but it hadn’t updated in 5 min um that’s no bueno. Gonna try adding the short key in the meteobridge maybe I added the wrong one previously? With ambient the meteobridge was updating constantly.

Wait what 8 min no updates on WU is this even right? All info is there but it can’t update this slow.

Use meteobridge, the direct link via WeatherFlow is known to be slow but nothing WeatherFlow can do, seems to be WU throttling .

So it’s the short key not the long api key right?

Did you see this? My CWOP page also not updating


WU : for me the ID + key (those shown in manage devices at WU, not the long API key)

for cwop just GW0860 with 5 minutes interval

but in meteobridge, under raw sensor data : is this already updating ?? Hence it sees the Tempest on your local network

You know what no it’s not showing under raw sensor data! Can you help it fix this it has to be reason why nothing is updating right. I figured everything was ok if the green check marks were there which they are. It’s also working ok in tempest app.

under the tab weather station, sub tab primary station, did you ad weatherflow ? it will add sky+air but that’s not a problem as the data will be correctly used. (sky + air are the first version before Tempest came)

Yea I did as the primary station i selected weather flow and hit save. I had this same issue with ambient until I figured it out but I completely forget and your 100% correct on the data showing up under raw as it has to if not it won’t work

Under raw sensor data there is currently nothing flowing in there.

Are Tempest and meteobridge on same network (ip wise I mean ?)
The Tempest sends out data to the network via UDP, this has to be picked up by the meteobridge. But they have to be able to “see” each other on the network. If they are on different vlans without bridges it won’t work