Pressure readings missing from Weather Underground?

Just got my Air and Sky, and all nicely set up and working. EXCEPT, I have noticed that ‘pressure’ is sitting at ‘0’ on Weather Underground.

See it here

Any ideas?

It is likely an issue with Weather Underground itself that neither you nor WF have any control over. Their service has slowly been getting worse and worse, including the removal of the free API.

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For what it’s worth, my WF station is currently also reading 0 pressure on WU.

I wouldn’t waste any troubleshooting time, since my non-WF station’s pressure has been flat-lined at 30.00 inHg since midnight. Here’s a weewx graph of my non-WF station’s pressure readings, to show that it wasn’t that steady:


Thanks, that makes sense.

Joy… Oh well, it isn’t anythign I have done wrong then.


Actually, some would argue that you did do something wrong…visit Weather Underground! :rofl:

In serious weather geek circles, there is an active boycott of people sending their station data to WU over their recent change to the terms under which you can retrieve your own (or anyone else’s) historical data from them. PWSweather is one alternate service that is growing in popularity, with a caveat that they do not support “rapid fire” and only update stations once per minute. Unfortunately, WF only has an uploader to WU built into their software right now, so you need to run a third-party package like Weather-Display (@weather-display) or the free weewx with the WF driver written by some clown :blush: (@vreihen) on this forum that can send to alternate sites. You can also buy a Meteobridge with WF support, but some serious geeks are holding a grudge against its developer over his decision last year to start charging for software updates…

+1 for weewx. I’m using it to send WeatherFlow data to PWSweather, and OpenWeatherMap. It just runs…


Yes, from what else I have read I think you might be right!

Thanks so much for the comprehensive reply. I have some thinking to do.

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