Weather Underground Updating

Starting this morning all the data fields for my weather station on the Weather Underground page are blank. The funny thing is it shows “Online” but that it was updated “2020 years ago.” I still have my gold seal of approval though, so at least I’ve got that going for me…

I have been uploading PWS data to the Underground for 20 years. As they have been bought and sold over the years, the overall reliability has decreased. Just wait and it will probably start working again. You might try logging out and back in too.

The current format of PWS data is the least pleasing I can remember. Misaligned text, choppy graphics, poor presentation. Looks like marketing department work to me.


Yeah now that you can’t actually use the data you provide them Weather Underground is dead to me.
I used to send my station info to them and then use the forecasting for my home automation. I give them data, they give me data, everyone wins. Well now they want my data but they want me to pay for theirs… Nope! Thanks for nothing, now you can’t have my data either.