Adding new station to Weather Underground

I have had a weather underground account for many years, to which my Davis is sending data to. I decided that I wanted another station added so I could send my weatherflow data there. I actually set it up via the settings at weather underground, but I now see that the weatherflow app had some kind of ‘create pws’ button. I didn’t realise that it sort of sets one up for you. However, it’s messed up my location - it chose one that doesn’t exist, so when going to my weather underground dashboard, it shows that wrong location, and clicking it (for the forecast) takes me to a 404 page.

I was expecting the weatherflow app to ask me for the station ID that I would be sending the data to. It seems rather odd to do it like it does, because now I have an incorrect PWS.

You might want to re-think your idea about Weather Underground… :wink:

have a look at the following thread: Weather Underground Announcement :disappointed:

That’s for the API. It doesn’t affect me sending my data to them.

Yes it does. They are cutting off sending data to them as well.

Err, I don’t think so. That is one of their main sources of income - PWS data get’s used to help inprove forecasting.

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Based on what i see on the forums, PWS people are pissed . WU isn’t giving much info about whats going on with PWS and many are pulling out providing them data. WU will be killed off soon enough