Tried connecting my weatherflow to WUnderground - just shows up as offline

I am trying to connect my weatherflow to WUnderground. When I first tried this I tried to do the setup in the Smart Weather app and have it create my PWS in WUnderground. When I did that I would get an error message. I then created the PWS in WUnderground and entered the ID and Key in from WUnderground in the Smart Weather app. This seemed to have worked except that WUnderground just shows my PWS as being offline.

In searching the forum I saw another user having an issue with linking to WUnderground but someone responded just to wait a little as it took his station about 20 minutes to show up. I’ve been waiting well over an hour so I figured I would post to see if anyone had any suggestions.

And yes, i can see my weatherflow in the smart weather app along with the logging into the weatherflow web site so I know the weather station is online and generating data.


Weather Underground are at the moment reconstructing their PWS section and all week there have been major disruptions, so it is most likely not your station at all , just WU changes.
Even when WU is running “correctly” it can take a couple of hours for your station to appear. If you are going to use WU it will happen :):wink:

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Thanks!! I’ll continue to watch it and hopefully the issue will resolve itself.

Friends don’t let friends…use Weather UnderWHO. It has become a train wreck these past few years…


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I can find my station by entering its code in the url below(replace KILpalat72 with your stations ID) but if I look at my devices it does show offline. As mentioned, earlier in the week My devices wouldn’t even load and gave an error.

Thanks. I used your URL and my station is reporting data. It also now shows up when I do a search for he station (which it wasn’t doing before).

Thanks again


Well after a week of sending data from new station to WU it finally shows as online. However the data accuracy is still off.

table show temp of 30 for all values and dew point never going above 20, however right below that the graph has the correct values. I’d think Big Blue and Watson could get this right?


I’ve tried twice to add my station to the Wuderground network. When I put my information in the weather flow app, the app says an error occurred.

So you already setup your WU account?

Hi Ray

I finally got things working correctly. I had a weather station already registered and that was throwing WU off. I was able to manually enter the new station and got it to show up. Thanks for the response.

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REMEMBER…There are no PRETTY solutions to UGLY problems!

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At Weather Underground, it’s the later.


Hello, to make sure, I did upgrade from the SKY/AIR to the new Tempest. I added the device to the Wunderground, everything at my end shows online and I can even see it in the weatherflow map, however, in WU a am showing OFFLINE and it’s been like that for 3 days. Can I expect this type of delay? Don’t want to remove the old one until WU register the new one.

The previous is
The new one is

BTW: The new one is located in the room until I get the WU to register so you may see some conflict data.


Are you registering both devices under the KFLHOLLY91 ID? I’m seeing that one, but I don’t really know how two devices would display under the same ID. Maybe you’ll need to remove one and replace it with the other? Mine was a fresh install and data began showing on WU in less than 30 minutes.

Ironically, I see from the map that you’re behind Lexus of Pembroke Pines. They are one of my long-time business accounts. Also, my brother-in-law lives across from you on 168th Terrace, but I’m way down south in West Kendall. Small world!

I hope you get the issue sorted out. Enjoy your Tempest!

Hi MiamiWX, small world indeed, hehehe.

I’m confused, I got some email back from WU and this is what they said:
“The most common reason for stations not to upload is because the station ID (all caps) and/or upload key (8 characters) were incorrectly (or not yet) entered into the station or its software.”

I don’t remember how to add the station ID or upload key.

I didn’t register both devices under the same KFLHOLLY91, that is the AIR/SKY, the tempest has its own ID which is KFLHOLLY155. I thought you can add more than one devices to your WU account. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Not sure if I need to delete it and create a new account and add the device as so. Any help would be great as running out of options. :frowning:

At present there is only one option to add the details for your station regarding WeatherUnderground

Weather Underground
To send your weather station data to WU, create a WU PWS and gather your PWS ID and Station key. Then login to your account on the web app: and go to settings > stations > choose your station > public data > Weather Underground and enter your WU PWS station ID and key. Wait about 30 minutes before station data fills in.

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Thanks Eric, was missing that important step.


Glad you got it sorted out! :+1:t2:

@eric I’ve done this multiple times but can’t seem to get my Tempest “online” with WU either. My station (ID 18441) is online and working fine but it hasn’t shown online in WU for days. I also lost connectivity with Carrot when I went to the Tempest. Any suggestions?

I had some what of the same problem as you when I received a replacement hub for my Sky/Air a while back and after closer Inspection I was entering a g instead of a q in the station keys, some of their letters number look kind of weird. I am also getting blind with old age :disappointed_relieved:
I am sure you have entered it correct though just a thought maybe it will help someone else

Hello les_jeanne

For Carrot the issue is most probably the fact it only shows primary station of the account and that is still your old station. I contacted Carrot weeks ago regarding this (how can we choose what station ID to use when you have several) but didn’t get any reply (yet???)

Open a ticket with support and ask to set your tempest as primary station, this will probably solve the Carrot issue.
Regarding WU … I have no good explanation for that …their service is already so unstable … maybe someone with better knowledge then me could help ??? I long ago abandoned them.