Weather Underground - Issues and Comments

Hello. New to this community and love my new station versus my old Accurite. However I can’t get it to upload to WU. I’ve triple checked the settings and it will not work.

WU says the issue is in the station. Any help would be appreciated!


Got mine working after entering my info a few times. Still nothing. About a week later it came online

Hi Philip! Welcome!

See this thread: Connecting to Weather Underground

Thanks folks! I guess after complaining it heard me. Just out of the blue started reporting. NMJAL9 if anyone wants to check it out. Supposed to be nice and warm here tomorrow !

Hello, been having issues for the last 4 days with WU were I receive an email saying my unit is offline. I checked the connections at home and everything is working, I checked with my app and it is working but it shows OFFLINE. Then out of the blue it connects again. Is this WU issue or WF? Not sure what to do.

No biggie, as I can check the wx from my phone anywhere, it is just for my neighbors who check online.



It’s not you…it’s W-U.

Why not just give your neighbors the public share link to your station on the WF web site???

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I’m going to regroup all the WU problems or we will have several topics a day. Whatever your problem with WU, just pop it in here.
Remember the WU service is far but very far from good and we’ve seen all kinda problems, not possible to get online, stations going offline, service down, api changes without any notification or explanation … just name it, it happened already and will happen again most probably :crazy_face:

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I registered my PWS with Weather Underground - got a station ID and key - but it shows “offline” and doesn’t appear on the map. Their customer service hasn’t responded so I thought I’d throw it out to you experts. Any ideas on how to get the PWS “online”?



Hey, thanks for reaching out to the community for some assistance.

If there is something wrong with the data feed from your Smart Weather Station to Weather Underground, try un-linking the station in the Smart Weather app and set up a new PWS on WU. This might do the trick.

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Go to My Profile > My Weather Stations > Click button ‘Add new PWS’
  3. Gather your new PWS ID and station key
  4. Go to your station’s webpage > settings > stations > select your station > Public Data > Link Weather Underground > enter your WU PWS station ID and key > (optional) toggle rain > Link

It could take at least 30 minutes to an hour before WU starts publishing your data. This process could take longer depending on WU issues.


Thanks for your help!



I see your station up on WU now, good job! And you’ve already got a gold badge! Must be a great weather station :wink:


pws-goldstar-27x21 pws-goldstar-27x21 pws-goldstar-27x21 pws-goldstar-27x21 pws-goldstar-27x21

Here’s five WU gold stars :wink: for the WeatherFlow team, for building such an awesome PWS…


Nice follow up! WF customer service is outstanding!




FYI. Thought I’d give you a quick update. My Hub went wonky and WF was kind enough to send a replacement. That meant I had to reinstall my Sky and both Airs (outside and inside) and then add a “new” station to Weather Underground (now KWAWOODI176 vice KWAWOODI172). The result is that 176 doesn’t show up on the weather map and there doesn’t seem to be anyway to add it. The WF PWS shows “Online” here: . When I first used the steps you sent me it worked like a charm and I got a “gold medal” within an hour and now, nothing. Weather Underground customer support is useless…no response to my emails. It’s not a big thing because my PWS is giving me information for my personal use, it’s just not being shared with the network.

Have a great weekend!.

It is on-line at WU and is showing on the map for me. Also have that “elusive” gold star :wink:

Hmmm, very strange. When I go to the Weather Underground page and look for “KWAWOODI176” I get nothing. Here’s the page I’m using: I wonder what I’m doing wrong? Thanks for the help, hankster.

Click the link below the map that says Wundermap

I can find my PWS on Wundermap by expanding the map scale (although the elevation is wrong - about 470 instead of 0). Strangely, if I search for “nearest station” it comes up with Reinwood Station and not where I am. I guess I just don’t understand how the website works. It’s weird to me that my PWS shows up on the Wundermap if I know where to look but I can’t do a specific search for KWAWOODI176 to find it. It’s not a big deal as all I really care about is that my PWS reports what it sees to me, and reporting to a larger network is secondary. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question on a weekend.

I noticed for the first few days my WU WeatherFlow Station had the Gold Badge of Honor, but now its gone away.

Any reasons why it went away? And Issue with my settings or no one really knows?

Scott, FWIW, I found my PWS was offline this morning (this has happened several times) and after I unplugged/replugged power to the Hub I was able to get it back online - but the Gold Badge was gone. I’m pretty new to this weather station stuff so I’m unclear why this happens. Possibly due to overnight updates to my computer/router/WF components. All I really care about is that my PWS gives me current information.