Weather Underground Failure?

Seems like the weather underground server side isn’t accepting data from weatherflow?

I’m seeing the same issue as well. Issue started for me today @ 4:02pm ET

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My station is showing online with the app and but Weather Underground says offline. Is there a problem with the feed?

My station went off line from WU today just after 2:37pm CST.

Mine was not working earlier, then it was working and now its not working again.
Station ID:15419.

My Davis Vantage Pro2 hasn’t missed a beat sending data to WU.

Mine’s showing as offline too.

It may be related to what is over in the Missing Data topic.

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It’s been consistent to the servers for weather flow, I need to see what data center (or cloud) they use to see if there downtime.

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I’m not seeing any missing data for my Station ID:15419 in any of its data graphs. It’s been missing data from WU for most of the day.

My Tempest stopped reporting about 2PM CST, then did a couple of reports around 3PM before going completely silent.

My Tempest station dropped offline from WU roughly the same time everyone else’s did today. When I checked my device list on WU though, it shows both my Tempest and an older Davis station (which the Tempest will be replacing up on the roof eventually) as both online. But only the Davis is reporting data on WeatherUnderground.

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Is WF staff addressing this?

Third party Weather Display software is uploaded the data fine, so it’s definitely a WeatherFlow server issue… I hope these are not common issues, if so I’ll be asking for a refund! How difficult could it possibly be to maintain their upload protocol to Weather Underground for all of their customers who all recently spent 300-400 dollars for a new supposed state of the art weather station…

This post from May seems appropriate again…


How difficult do you think it might be to take a network of 2-3000 stations and scale it to over 10,000 and beyond in a very short period of time? If only the WF upload to WU is the issue (ie. third party uploaders still work fine), then it is very likely a WF server issue. As they stated over on Missing Data - #10 by dsj,

So if it is on WeatherFlow’s side, it will be fixed.


Same issue with me since ~5pm EDT today - no Weather Underground updates. (I originally hadn’t noticed because I have a Pi set up with WeeWx, and I usually use that for history and for current conditions… until my Apple Watch had a crazy wrong temp - and it pulls data from Weather Underground… checked, and sure enough, no updates. I temporarily told WeeWx to update it for me until it’s fixed on the WeatherFlow side.)
Edit: Now that I check, shows a data gap between 7:30-8:05 EDT as well.

Hi folks. We had a problem today that started around 2:40 PM ET with an unusual CPU jump on a primary processing server cluster. We’ve been working to identify and correct the issue since then, and things should be relatively stable now, but you may notice issues with some components today, including:

  • Graphs missing data.
  • Lightning Strikes missing data.
  • All notifications types not sent.
  • Data not sent to WU.
  • IFTTT Real Time System not triggering events.

Potential other systems affected too. Let us know if you see anything else. We’re continuing to work the issues now. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Matt. Welcome to the community!

Me too! (They have not been common so far)

I don’t blame you. If you want a refund we’ll be happy to send you one tomorrow, as soon as the banks are open! But I hope you’ll give a chance.


Thanks for the update - appreciate the communication!

Slightly different problem this morning. WU shows station connected/online and has current data, but the station doesn’t show up on the Wundermap. Did some Googling and it appears that WU drops stations from the map if the data has been failing consistency checks.

Edit: And it’s back

My station is not showing up on the WU map this morning. Believe this because WU has designated my station data as failing QA.

Edit: And it’s back
Edit2: And it’s gone.