Meteobridge not functioning with new Tempest (first fix done)

Having just installed a new Tempest, to replace my Ambient Weather WS-1002-IP, I found the through Meteobridge only the wind speed and direction are uploaded. The current release of Meteobridge (released 14 May) “sees” the Tempest as separate Air and Sky units, but does seem to recognize both, and correctly recognizes the Tempest’s serial number. Are there modifications that I can do (not being a coder) to make the existing Meteobridge work, am I forced to wait for an update to Meteobridge that specifically recognizes the Tempest, or are there other workarounds?
Thank you!

You need to contact Meteobridege and have
him update the firmware.

drop us an email info at i may be able to help but bear in mind timezone differences. please send along a complete screenshot of your livedata panel in your email . failing that goto the meteobridge forum and raise the issue

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Thank you fo offering to help! Attached is the screen grab I think you need… please tell me if you need something else.
I did actually post the problem to the Meteobridge forum here (, but as of now, there have been no replies.

You are referring the the meteobridge live data panel, right?

no need the meteobridge live data screen

OK, attached are screen captures first with the Ambient Weather WS-1002 sensor package, then after a reboot of Meteobridge, with the Weatherflow Air and Sky selected. I also attached a picture of the messages right after the switch in sensors. Thanks again for the offers to help!


This one is using Air and Sky (really the Tempest) as the input sensor.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 17.16.02

I am having an issue as well. I have a Tempest for Outdoor and I took my old Air and moved it inside to monitor the indoor temp in my wine cellar. My problem is that the meteobridge is using the indoor sensor for both indoor and outdoor.

Platform: TL-MR3020 (no USB hub)
RAM: 29364 kB total, 3388 kB free (88% used)
SW Version: Meteobridge 4.3 (May 14 2020, build 13486), FW 1.4
Uptime: 0 hours, 56 minutes Buffer: 1 items (0%)

Meteobridge does NOT currently support the new Tempest hardware…

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Clearly true, but I was assured by Weatherflow prior to my Tempest purchase that Meteobridge was supported.

So if you took the Air sensor out of the equation, you’d have no temperature data at all, and only be left with wind data, exactly as I’m experiencing.

good evening please wait a few days or a week good news will come. just need to get meteobridge device to one of the admins here .
underlying reason for non compatibility unfortunately no tempest was made available during the test period and most of the discussions were either private or NDA and unless there were any meteobridge users and was part of the tempest test period the likelihood it was never done unlike when the air,sky was in a field test period where pheonix and myself were able to give boris the necessary access and it was then pretty much ready when the air,sky was released in general. so please be a bit patient all will come good and your screenshots were useful so many thanks . you need to thank the well known admin on here for his generous offer of help in providing access. have a great day ya all…brian


Great! Thank you for the update.

no problem boris is on it so keep an eye on this page
for updates sure in a week or so it will be all good.

please no more emails i thank you all who took the trouble and time to forward on details

fwiw the weather34 current standalone template is fully compatible with all meteobridge devices so any weather station hardware plugged into and compatible with meteobridge will work.the template reqires very little website knowledge as it uses a very simple set up,screen its almost install and forget as no mysql or any other unfamiliar web coding . designed to work on OEM tablets,ipad tablets,phones,desktops,smart tv (tested upto 55” on android tv based OS)

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Any news on possibly when we can expect Tempest support?

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Have you checked their forum?

That topic is covered here (, but part of this thread offers promise for a solution.

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I can’t give you a date since the developper has to do it’s magic. But since yesterday afternoon he has a full data flow from Tempest. He can start to decode it and adapt Meteobridge to take the differences into account.
We’ll tell you once it is done and tested.