Meteobridge not functioning with new Tempest (first fix done)

its available just reboot your meteobridge hub . thank eric who i managed to have him a meteobridge hub sent from boris. other than that discuss with eric has he has a hands on chance of dealing with any issues. over to you eric . eric yes i will send you template access in the morning as I issue a new password every monday. have fun…brian


Excellent! Thank you all very much! The only remaining issues I see are that;

  1. The battery value for temperature only reports low, which might have to do with differences between the Tempest’s normal battery range of (for my unit at least) 2.44 - 2.57V and what is normal for Air and Sky sensors (I’m guessing here), and;
  2. Wind chill isn’t being calculated, but maybe it’s not calculated on a hot day with just a breeze? Guessing again…
    Great work getting it done though, and thanks again!
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Rebooted and still do not see the Tempest.

SW Version: Meteobridge 4.3 (Jun 7 2020, build 13529), FW 1.4

Using the Weatherflow Sky and Air setting now works with the Tempest, despite my comments above about battery level and wind chill (which might not be problems at all).


Doing what @craig.w said will show an AIR and SKY with the same serial number. That is how you can tell it is a Tempest from Meteobridge.

I think it went a bit quick. It will need some more refinement but that’ll be for a newt update I guess. Already the Tempest is recognised, so call it a quick fix.

The wind updates every 1 second but the rest of the values only every minute in meteobridge. accuweather shows it only updating every minute despite being set to 5 seconds. yet the wind on accuweather does update every 5 seconds. any way to get the other values to update every 5 seconds in Meteobridge and accuweather? thx

Welcome to the Weatherflow community john.salow,

Regarding the inner works of meteobrige you should go on it’s forum as we can’t say nor change anything on there.

Since a few days I’m working with Boris to get the Tempest correctly managed (next to the Sky and Air). That’s just interfacing. The way Meteobridge handles the rest and how it uploads … You should go on their forum and ask/learn.

PS : wind can’t be updating every second as the Tempest at best sends once every 3 seconds (even via UDP)

The Tempest updates data every 60 seconds. Wind can be updated every 3 seconds.


Hello Meteobridge users

After some more testing and playing with Meteobridge I found already a point that can provoke a pressure difference (though it’s not a bug at all)

In Meteobridge you have one setting for your station height. In Weatherflow we have 2 different height settings : station height and device height

Exemple : my location is at 241 meters (that’s the one you get when you use the map to pin your location). Then in devices we set again a height above ground, in my case for my Tempest it is now 2 meters above grass.

-> height to set in Meteobridge is 241 + 2 = 243 meters

If I set 241, I get a difference of +/- 0.2 mb … imagine you live at 1500 meters altitude … this will give you even more difference in readings.


HI Eric,

Is this not quite right?

There are two Barometer output in the Weatherflow app,

Sea level
Station Height

The one that is promoted in the app is sea level. For the Station reading you have to go into further details within the app. Can you confirm this please just in case my brain has gone wayward

More importantly should we not have the station pressure promoted on front page. Appreciate your thoughts

Alternatively are you just referring to within station only setting for pressure that we adjust for height of actual station above ground level only

Remember the source of data is the UDP stream. The pressure in UDP is the pressure measured where you are (station pressure).

Sea level pressure is a derived calculation via this formule for Weatherflow

In the formula you see both heights we give are used.


Meteobridge is collecting your UDP stream and get’s the station pressure. In turn it calculates with ‘a formula’ (not sure identical to Weatherflow’s formula) to sea level pressure. It uses the height you give in the weather station tab in Meteobridge and not what is in Weatherflow’s settings.


In order to get the +/- same results you have to add both heights from Weatherflow and set that as total height in Meteobridge.

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Sea level is a calculated value based on station pressure and height. Sea level is not an output from the Tempest or the Air.

Thanks to Hendricus of Gray Maine USA for giving me full access , I was able to align all the functions of the weather34 template to run with the tempest / meteobridge combination.

so template is fully useable with the tempest product when connected to a meteobridge . important the template does NOT manipulate any data it simply reports/displays what is being sent to it so if any data anomalies appear in your data from the tempest then it will appear as it reads/sent.



available free on request via

has a simple built in user driven updater to keep it up-to date as updates are pushed so no need to request continuously or install just use the simple updater .


I received my new tempest on July 6 and have connected it to meteobridge. Software update June 30. All sensors are reporting except lightning on meteobridge. I’ve also noticed that lightning is not reported on the Android app. Lightning is reporting on the website. Wondering if this is an issue with my hub or with meteobridge.

There is a new Tempest firmware update coming in a week or so which should fix this issue. Your hub should have updated to v143 recently and the Tempest should be getting v133.

Thanks. Currently, Tempest is on V129

Hi, I am using Tempest (hub FW 143)(tempest FW 134) with the latest version of meteobridge. I am not seeing any accurate lightning data. Is there a workaround for this? Thank you

Same issue here as Meteobridge is only reporting two lightening strikes this year. On 134 and latest meteobridge software.

This post sheds some light on what you are seeing.