Meteobridge device

Meteobridge is a small device that connects in between your ‘WeatherFlow HUB’ this allows you to send your data to many of the popular networks and your own personal website if you have one.When used with WeatherFlow Hub it powers the HUB therefore making Meteobridge a self sufficient package without the need of running a computer 24/7 .Meteobridge has a vast array of functions for the weather enthusiast.


Yes, I am loving my Meteobridge. I am currently using it to feed data to PWS and CWOP.


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Same here! Using redundant wireless device TP-Link MR 3020 as the Meteobridge and logging to my MariaBD server. Very pleased with it so far.

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Can somebody explain this thing to me ?

When I look on Amazon for ‘meteobridge’ I see two products…one that looks like an access point here for $190 or so, and right below it is an unmodified TP-Link N150 here for only $29.99 with what looks like the same hardware.

So my elementary school math says $30 plus buying the software for 65 Euro and installing it is under $100 or so US, plus the cost of my time to flash the router with the software and set it up. OK fine.

Can I completely disable wifi and just use it as a network appliance and talk with the Hub via the LAN ethernet port ?

And is the basic wiring setup something like:

  • power the TP-Link running the MB software
  • plug the hub into its USB port, that’ll power the HUB
  • plug the TP-LINK into my network switch to get them onto the LAN

And when they say you can upload to mysql, what is it uploading ? The same event and observation data the HUB broadcasts via UDP, or is it the somewhat more summarized data that the Hub sends to the WF servers ?

Or am I missing something ?

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Yes you can. The Meteobrige “products” have more memory than the routers and marginally less functionality. But if you are technically minded it works well.

Yes you can disable the WiFi and just use the LAN port. That is how I run mine as I have enough WiFi access points etc already :smiley:

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I agree they are really nice, they do take a little configuring but work very well, also they will send SMS alerts, email alerts, upload to ftp, and a lot more.
Works very well with Brian’s Weather34 template, Screenshot is the "live Data " tab (well half of it ,) mbridge_screenshot

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Ambient Weather has some sort of exclusive contract to market assembled Meteobridge packages in the USA, with a markup that you can calculate on your own. There is nothing stopping you from buying the same router and flashing it yourself if you are inclined. I haven’t looked recently, but Boris used to give away a free 30-day demo before requiring payment for the Meteobridge license so that you can try it out.

Meteobridge is similar to weewx, and has all kinds of uploaders to do things like write data to a MySQL database using summarized/calculated/live values. There used to be a functional emulator on the Meteobridge web site, that was put there mostly to help people generate wifi config files but all of the other features were there if you wanted to poke around before even buying a router to run it on.

I was running mine with an Acu-Rite Hub plugged into the ethernet port and using the wifi for the Internet link, so I don’t have personal experience running with the uplink on the ethernet port. The whole thing is based on an OpenWRT-type linux distro, so I suspect that it will work over either port depending on which is available.

Oh, my $0.02 USD is to look at the MB web site for the supported routers. One of the options had a battery backup, and another one (that I bought) had twice as much RAM which was highly desirable with the heavyweight Acu-Rite sniffer code in use…


It was either 14 or 21 days ‘free’ trial on the software when I installed it recently - I wasn’t too bothered 'cos after one day it was doing everything I needed so i paid the license fee.

Is the Meteobridge something a non-geek can use? Does anyone have a link to a step-by-step setup? I looked on YouTube, nothing there. I know what it means to flash something, but no idea how. TIA

Edit: My house is full of Macs with not a Windows or Linux machine to be found.

You will either need to purchase a supported device to flash with the Meteobridge firmware or purchase a Meteobridge PRO which comes pre-flashed. I opted for the former, buying a TP-LINK TL-MR3020 and flashing it myself. The process is very straight forward. Once flashed, configuring the software is very straight forward, too.

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I have the Meteobridge Pro that I use in conjunction with my VP2. It works very well, but it is pricey.

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Here’s the self-install directions:

If you want to buy a pre-loaded unit in the USA, Ambient Weather has an exclusive contract and markets it as their Weather Bridge product. They have a significant markup, and I imagine they offer support for the product for that extra money. It isn’t too difficult to flash your own, and you can do it from a Mac AFAIK.

Feel free to test drive their demo admin web page, to see if managing the Meteobridge is something that you can do:

I have not used my Meteobridge for a few years, having moved onto weewx on a Raspberry Pi. The main reason for the change was that the barometer sensor in my USB-connected Acu-Rite console failed, and weewx offered the ability to use an external i2c barometer chip in addition to the working Acu-Rite sensors…


Thanks everyone! I’m going to give it a shot.

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OK, Meteobridge is in action at this moment. I am hoping someone here can answer my questions before I am forced to post in the Meteobridge forum:

First - I thought the Meteobridge was connected to my WiFi. I put the network info in, but if I unplug the ethernet cable I can no longer access the device at the assigned IP address. Is that normal? I did not turn on the LAN bridge option as I’m not really sure what it does?

Second - I see that it is connected to my WF station because it has live data, but it is populating all of the Indoor and Outdoor info with the Outdoor info, so it thinks my house is -7.5ºC inside.

Third - I checked the box to be able to access the device via the internet. The Wiki says allow 5 minutes for it to show up on the server, but it’s been at least an hour now and no joy. Has anyone got this working?

Thanks so much for all the help!

If you checked the wireless LAN radio button in the networks tab then it should be getting an IP on your LAN. Check your router or DHCP server to see what IP it may have picked up. You could use something like Angry IP Scanner to scan your network and look for unknown devices. Mine shows up as meteobridge on my network. I have the Meteobridge Pro so some things might look different. I actually never hooked up the RJ45 and set everything up over WiFi. I don’t have LAN bridge selected, either.

On the Live Data tab I went to the Historical Data section and disabled the indoor values because they don’t make sense. That part of things is definitely a bit confusing and cumbersome in my opinion.

Most likely the reason you can’t see it over the internet is because you can’t see it on your local network. Get that fixed and you should be fine.

The wireless interface was probably assigned a different IP address than the wired interface by your network’s DHCP server…

Thanks for all the input, guys! After playing some more with the settings, turning the wifi off and back on on the MR3020, and rebooting several times I finally got it working. On the last reboot, I disconnected the ethernet cable before it started back up and now it is connected via wifi and sending data AND I can connect via the internet. This is so much better than having keep my old PC up 24/7. And I’m just leaving the indoor data alone I guess - it doesn’t get reported anywhere. Thanks again!

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What exactly do I need to do to get data showing up in live data in the meteobridge after connecting the weatherflow hub to the meteobridge hub, powering on, and configuring the Weather Station tab for “Weatherflow: AIR and SKY”? After many reboots of both devices, both individually, and together, I am still not showing Live Data. I had used this Meteobridge previously with a VP2, so I know it works fine.
I must be missing something simple.

Are you seeing any data at all? If not, and your Meteobridge is on the WiFi network, then your access point is likely not broadcasting UDP data. That is the issue I had so I had to configure my access points to broadcast UDP packets.

I think I may have an idea of the problem. The meteobridge and the Weatherflow hub are on the same wifi network, but on 2 different SSID’s that may have isolation enabled. The reason for this is that it looks like the Weatherflow hub does not support WPA2-PSK properly and just gives up without error when trying to get it to join using a full length strong pass phrase. It is however able to join my guest network which is still WPA2-PSK, but uses a friendly pass phrase. I’ll try temporarily moving the meteobridge to the guest network and see what happens then.