Hi, can anyone tell me how to upload to ambientweather.net with the smart station?

like title says, did anyone do that? reason i want to do it, i want to try to upload the data to ambientweather so i can get a wall console or something that downloads weather info from the web. maybe there are better options out there though.

I do not know of any third-party apps that send to Ambient Weather, and WF is on the record saying that they will not be adding any new upload sites leaving it up to third-party developers.

More than one of us are running the WF app on a cheap (~$50) wall-mounted 7" Android tablet. Mine has been running 24/7 for over a year now:


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I tried that on my android and it timed out completely,
In comparison to ambient weather it looks Aged and the readings are too small to see from a distance, tried to run it on my iPad Pro but it’s not even using the entire screen.

I have been tempted to write an Apple TV app to make my 55" wall-mounted flat screen into the mother-of-app weather consoles.

If you have a spare iPad, there is supposedly an iPad-specific Weather Underground app that may be worth checking out since WU uploads (like it or not) are supported by WF natively…

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You can look at the third-party applications and see if you like any of those.


i tried a handful already, really nothing that i like so far.
beginning to think the best route is the rainwise display

Do you know how to write HTML?

If you do, then you can use ArchiveSW and write your own display. It’s pure HTML and easy.

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I have searched and I have not found any indication that Ambient Weather allows third-parties to upload data to their service.


MeteoBridge has the ability to upload to ambientweather.net. I tried to set that up but I’m missing some authorization needed to make it work.

I believe you have to have an API key and from what I have read, to obtain an API key they request the MAC of your Ambient Weather device. However I’m sure that is incorrect.