WeatherFlow station delivered today! (with noob questions of course)

Initial setup was a snap! App and WU both responding as expected. Only kink was reconfiguring WU account to edit my old system which was conveniently bricked by Acurite last year. Only thing remaining is final mounting of the Sky unit (scrounging the neighbors for a 1" PVC scrap to bolt to the 2x4 where old unit was mounted).

Couple of questions for those who’ve used the system for a while:

  1. On WU PWS page; is it possible to configure a display for the lightning sensor? Or will that automagically appear once we have lightning in the area? It’s only sensor I don’t see reporting.
  2. How sensitive are folks finding the haptic sensors? Would they record dew, frost, or snow? If so, how accurately?
  3. Follow-up to previous question: we occasionally get snow here, but freezing rain is much more likely. Any observations on measurement performance or degradation under those conditions?

Thanks, and look forward to learning more from this group.

(2) Not accurately. If you’re in the marine layer near water it’ll miss recording you being in the literal cloud too
(3) Not accurately if memory serves, same with hail.

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