Thinking of returning to tempest

I was one of the first Indiegogo backers way back when. I wasn’t hugely happy with the device and ended up getting a refund. I am wondering if the best balance would be a new tempest coupled with a separate rainguage? Has anyone else augmented their tempest to get a better overall setup?

I guess I’d ask what has changed vs. the ‘why’ of why you were unhappy enough to return it originally ?

Great question. I had concerns about the rain gauge accuracy which are well documented and I am trying to cover that by getting an external rain gauge. The anemometer was also a concern but I think maybe that’s been improved? Other than that I went to tempest because I wanted to try something new. Then I seem to be upset when it was different. So most of these issues are in my head

The hardware and software issues that existed day-one for the Tempest seem to still exist based on the forums here. I’ll pass on going through the list, you probably already know it.

Out here near Seattle rain accuracy mattered to me and I never had a unit that was even remotely close to accurate for the kind of rain we get here, so that was ultimately enough for me to walk away. All my Air+Sky units and Tempest units went to good homes elsewhere and they’re still online today.

I originally went WF due to the great UDP API that let me pick data off my LAN wifi and fiddle with it. Definitely like the open API. It is fun to program to and I learned a lot doing so that helped me both professionally in IT and as a hobby at home.

But I’m not their target audience. I’m an old-school engineering type who basically was looking for sensors already accurate right out of the box without Internet access required.

There are many thousand units out there, so lots of folks seem to like them. They’re kinda a known quantity that do what they do, albeit at a pretty high price point compared to some of the later alternatives that almost seem to have been Chinese stolen design knockoffs (Ecowitt).


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