Wellp, I busted my Sky... questions about Tempest

I guess my mounting job wasn’t as sturdy as I had hoped, as we had a strong gust of wind not too long ago that blew down the pole it was mounted on. The top of my Sky cracked and it stopped reporting data with the next significant rain. I’d like to get a Tempest, but a couple of questions:

  1. Some folks said that WeatherFlow would be releasing a standalone Tempest without a hub at some point for a reduced cost, because the existing Hub will work with it. Does anyone know when this will be, and if it’ll lag behind the Tempest Kickstarter shipments in March/April? And also what the cost will be?
  2. I see that there is a Pro Hub version that includes cellular access that is presumably redesigned. Will this by any stretch included the proffered HomeKit support that the WF folks have been working on with Apple? I know it’s a lower priority, but it sure would be nice to set up HomeKit automations using outdoor weather conditions like Netatmo’s station can now do.
  3. With the app update that’s supposed to be coming at some point, will it include a better visualization of useful statistics? I know the WF people tend to adopt the attitude of “that sounds like a great idea for a third party,” but I do think there’s value to having my weather station report to me interesting data statistics (that, admittedly, may not be worth much to hardcore weather geeks other than for idle conversation) in a first party app, such as highest temperature recorded, largest rainfall amount, longest duration without rain, etc. Sort of like the History tab, but on steroids with a more holistic approach, or at least Month and Year summaries like there are Day summaries. Also, I can’t help but find the existing graphs cumbersome to use. Tapping the + and - to zoom refreshes it and makes it too easy to lose context, especially when trying to visualize hour-to-hour and day-to-day. If there were a way that it allowed dynamic pinch and zoom, that would be amazing.

I think you might want to do some more searching of the many posts about your questions.

That said my recollection is:

  1. They said it’ll be cheaper than the kickstart price but will lag the kickstarters
  2. dunno
  3. I don’t recall seeing big plans for massive changes in the official app, especially given all the nice integrations folks have come up with

They are working on a better graphing system (or at least that was the plan). Would be good.

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Still haven’t seen any info on when existing owners would be able to purchase a Tempest sans hub, or what the cost of that would be relative to the $249 on IndieGoGo. I assume it’d be cheaper even than this 24% discounted price, but when will it be available? Looks like I’ll need to wait until April at the earliest now instead of March, anyway. I’m just in a fix since my original Sky is broken, and would like to get some data back up as quickly as possible.

Are swap / sale posts allowed (e.g. WTB)?

I bet there are a few people who bought more than one, or where it wasn’t quite the right station for them, and they would sell an extra new one, or a used unit to you.

Not me though, I am a happy camper.

There are no resale police, if that’s what you’re asking. The question is ‘in which forum would you ask the question’. I asked a year+ ago for a forum for resales etc. here but didn’t get anywhere other than asking the question. You could certainly go to wforum.net for their station/parts buy/sell forum, but be forewarned that they’re pretty nasty re: anything WF there in the forums.

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If there are many topics for sale/buy we can consider adding a sub forum but for now just post in general. If ever needed I’ll make the subforum and move posts to it.
Maybe start the post with BUY : or SELL : to make it clearly visible ? …