Just an FYI for my Production and FT Tempests

Stations 12870 (Tempest FT) and 23739 (Production Tempest) were taken offline at 2:45pm edst, for cleaning and to make things a whole lot easier to access by removing a tower upper section which will take both Tempests down to 16’ above ground rather than 25’. Neither “The Old Grey Mare” or my back and knees are what they used to be…:-).
Will probably put both Tempests on the Production Hub along with my Air (records basement temp/humidity). Should be back up by tomorrow at the latest.

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Both Tempests back online around 7:30 pm edst. Left each on it’s separate Hub. Data purged and reset now that both are quietly enjoying a calm and cooler evening.


Having a bit of strangeness with the FT Tempest, so removed it for now for till I get time to check it out. The battery charge was problematic anyway, and may fail with less sun time as fall approaches. Station 27534 with production Tempest and Hub will just be online for now.

I don’t understand why you would take it off line. That removes the ability to collect any potential data about it. Isn’t that part of the point of field testing?

Made the mistake of trying to put too many devices on the production hub, needed got take time to sort it out. The charge issue on the early Tempest beta units is known, but first to get my primary Tempest at least back on line… then the older FT in a day or two.
Not too good at trying to do more than 1 1/2 things at a time…:smile:

I think you can’t put too many on the Hub. I am told it can handle many.

Does anyone know if WF has a preference for a single device per Hub or is the data preferred from a single Hub with multiple devices?

I don’t think it matters. The data is stored by device ID, which is why when you delete and re-add a device the historical data is gone, the device has a new device ID, same as using Delete All Data.

OK, had a look at everything today, with an eye towards getting all devices on the newest production Hub (6587).
The current Prod. Tempest added OK. The early beta Tempest also added OK. And since it looked like I was on a roll for a change, added my dormant Sky and Air (the Air is in the basement to measure temp/humidity, but the pressure sensor is in a fairly temp stable environment…).
Left the ladder in place for the next 24 hours just in case, but here’s whats currently Online…
STA-027567 (HUB)

I’ll let them all settle out for a couple of days…


I know the prefixes: ST SK AR . . .but I’m afraid I don’t know what an STA is.

That the HUB #, sorry for the confusion.

Got it! (+20 characters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy & z ! )

If I can find em’ I’'l add em" :wink:

The only way I know Tempests and the 1st Gen equipment is by their 4-digit ID numbers on the bottom. I don’t use the leading zeros. e.g. ST-7764.

Some devices have 5 digits.

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The “Trio” of the Tempests and the re-deployed Sky still online, did notice one thing though…I had heavy intermittent rains last nite and this morning, and had set out the Stratus 4" gauge just to compare all three units. The 4" got 1.08", the Tempests around .6" or so, but the Sky measured 1.10" coincidence maybe but the old Sky won the round. Still going to need a WF tipping bucket IMHO.

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