Support response time?

My Tempest went off the air as of last Tuesday after a week or so of troubles with first the sensor loosing connection to the hub and then finally the hub stopping working (after a reset). I reported it to the support group via a new ticket Tue evening and then an update Wed morning at 8:50 am (power off overnight didn’t help). So far, no response. I’ve spent hours searching the community forum and trying various things over the past two weeks to try to get it back to the awesome experience I had for the first 6 weeks or so of ownership.

What’s going on and how can I get my weather station back up and running (or replaced)?

Support has been swamped with several thousand new stations coming online. We can try and assist if you let us know your Station ID. However, WeatherFlow will get back to you and get your station online or send you a replacement.

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what does the hub do after you power it up? is the led still working? Does it still get power (change cabled?)

First elements

You’r Tempest went offline since the battery drained to 2.33V which is basically empty

Now your hub is offline, for that I have no clue why.

If you reset it maybe you need to go over the full setup again ???

Thanks for the outreach. The blue led lights up for about 7-10 seconds then goes off for about 15 or so. Cycles through that constantly, but I can’t connect to the hub via the app on my phone.

Ok, thanks Eric. I noticed the battery level dropping in the week or so prior to the problems starting. It sits in the sun, solar panels facing south, but near woods. Does it need actual direct sunlight on the panels to charge? or is this a battery/charging issue?

Me either. After ready many threads and not getting any consistent results, I decided to do the hub reset with a paperclip as that seemed to work for some others. It never came back from that. Its getting power, but not a solid blue light which it had when I first set it up and when I would open the app and was near it when working well.

Not sure next steps? I’ve tried the reset a number of times, but not since Tuesday.

I followed this process (a number of times):

Station ID: 20727 and I thought I added a link to my profile

Regarding the hub, do you have by any chance another device near with bluetooth that pirates the link ??? The hub should not blink blue when starting up, it should go red and eventually green when it can connect to wifi. Blue means it is trying to communicate via bluetooth, or at least some device asks to …

For the Tempest to charge properly it needs at least 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight a day on average to keep battery level ok. Maybe take ti down and set it where you can in the sun and see if it comes back in a few hours (beware, keep the switch to on or it won’t charge at all since it does cut the charging circuit when on off)

Good idea, I will check for other BT devices nearby. What is the range I should be concerned about?

I will record/track the start up sequence/colors and let you know. Regarding the sensor, I was already planning to move it to a more central location in our yard (on a post) so it will get much more direct sunlight there, good to know about the 1-2 hours of direct sunlight.

is that correct Eric? After a reset, when it starts up I think it should turn blue so it can be configured via bluetooth or not? Only after the bluetooth setup has been done it should go to green.

I remember a solid blue when I initialized it the first time, but that was 6-8 weeks ago. this is not solid for sure…slow blinking style. it seems like it wants to be connected to, but its not completing that so BT interference makes me wonder.

initial setup indeed but once it is, it should just boot, go red while it boots and once it has a working wifi connection to servers, it goes green (except some older hubs that have a bug with latest firmware where it sometimes turns off while it works).

Trying to think what a blinking blue led on hub could be …

Maybe at this point tru to delete the station in the app and restart all over

go in settings/stations and swipe your station name to show the delete button, from there try like a fresh install …

Success! Its up and working now, both hub and sensor.

I looked for devices and found my daugthers mac book near by, not sure if BT is on or not, but I moved it 30+ ft away. Then remembered there is a small printer that has wireless and I think its both wi-fi and BT. So I unplugged that too. Unplugged hub, followed the reset process and this time got a red light followed by solid blue when I sat down next to it with my phone. I did not delete the station, but I did a wi-fi set up, it connect to the hub and then the hub back to my home wifi network!

I then went outside and checked the sensor. I had left it on (I though it was off) , but it was facing north with solar panels facing south and the woods. the sensor is in direct bright hot sun today, but the sun it hitting the west side of the sensor, not the south. So I rotated the sensor to get the panels facing west and into the sun. I turned it back on and got a green light. Went back inside restarted app on phone and it showed it all online (and I think updated firmware).

I’m going out to do yard work and will check for a new sensor location that will give it direct sun on the panels (more south facing) while keeping the arrow pointed north, pole mounted.

Thank you all for your help!


Well, now that I’m at my PC, when I check the status via the web, I see it reporting as online, but the sensor says offline in the details. Is there a reset period before it sends data or do I need to go play with the sensor connecting again? Now it seems like we are back to the original problem. Not sure whats going or should I just wait for a bit?

Your hub is online and fine, hence the green bullet online

Your Tempest is just drained. The battery needs a few hours in full sun to start loading a minimum … if you can set it in the sun even not perfect so it can charge …

Ok, thats great news. I won’t do anything to it other than let it sit in the sun, solar panels facing west to get as much direct sun as it can the rest of the day…probably 2 more hours or so and its switched on.

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Just FYI, still no data/connection from the sensor to the hub

question is, did it charge ??? Maybe bring it close to the hub and then have a look once it does connect, what the battery voltage is.

No, Idon’t think so. After our conversation yesterday, it sat in the direct sun for at least 3 hours. switch on. no connection or data. But the led lit up a very bright green and Iwas very encouraged for tomorrow (today) that it would reconnect and work

this morning, a bit overcast, but I brought the sensor inside and sat down next to hub. switch from on to off to on. no light at all when i press led switch. it seems dead. I’ve tried reply earlier but the community site software limits my posts in the first day. stupid.

While Iwas waiting to post again, i read a number of the threads with charging issues. Mine seeems the same, but can’t get it to wake up to get data. its in the sun now, i’ll leave it/make sure panels are in diret sun all day. But something it not right. The comment about it needs 8 hours of direct sun every day are totally differnt than when I decided to buy