Tempest Goes Offline

My Tempest station ST-00012547 is offline again. Second time in a week. Received email at 1:30am this morning that it was offline. Using the Tempest app on iphone shows no data. Under the Status, the Hub is online and the Tempest is offline. RSSI is -73, which is about what it usually is when I’ve checked in the past.

Guess there isn’t much more we can do

Please do open a support ticket and customer support will help you out. Please describe what you already did to help them respond quicker. Sorry.

It does show sensor failures.

Does that mean they failed because it has died or that happens during a lost connection?

I haven’t seen a functioning sensor show failed sensors just because it lost connection. It could be failed sensors or it could be a firmware issue. Hopefully WF support can get to you soon. You did open a support ticket, right?

I created a support request. Tempest back up by turning off, wait 10 seconds, turn back on. This always resolves.
I’m planning to move it out of the yard and maybe another 30-40 feet further out from its current location so its not affected by heat from the backyard wall or gravel. Before moving will test RSSI #. Right now it’s -69 and seems to fluctuate, but don’t think I’ve seen higher than -74 at hubs current location.
No gate on that backside so will be more of a pain to go out to the front and then head to the back.

My Tempest stopped working today @ 1:46 PM CST, Station ID 22792. I reset it @ 3:05 PM CST and it immediately started working again. The hub was showing a green led and my indoor air unit did not miss a beat. Battery voltage is 2.82 volts and it is sunny any warm with moderate winds.

I’m jealous. Not of your tempest, but because the sunny and warm weather :wink: