New Tempest Owner with repeated issues from the start

I have high hopes for this setup as I like the idea of it. Straight out of the box it the sensor would not connect to the hub. After a couple hours of the reset procedure it finally connected. Continued to install it outside only to find out its not communicating with the hub after 30-40 minutes it kept dropping (Tuesday 11th of Aug). The next day I compared my readings with the co-worker who turned me onto the system and we noticed the firmware is different on the sensor. I submitted a ticket but have heard nothing from support. I reset the system again and deleted everything from the account to do a fresh install per guidance posted here in the forums. After 3 hours I finally got it to pair between the sensor and hub. Fast forward to Thursday and another batch on "offline notifications) I have dismounted the sensor and moved the sensor and the hub within 10 feet of the router and again reset and re-paired sensor to hub. I enjoy knowing what the air is like in the house but its not the purpose of this equipment. I found today that even though everything is good signal wise, I have received 18 “offline” notifications since this morning. Still nothing from support beyond a message that says we will get to you. Any help would be appreciated but my feeling if that everything points to an issues with the Tempest sensor because its the only thing that drops, the hub shows zero down time.

More data

And more data showing the huge gaps in the data flow while it sits offline. Hub RSSI -43 and sensor RSSI -21

What is your station id?

My Station ID is 26309 under settings

Hub Firmware is revision 143

Sensor Firmware is revision 133

@eric Have a look.

@WFsupport can you see what is going on here?

Open a ticket with support please. Definitely something is wrong.

Sorry this is happening but rest assured it will be solved.

Gary/Eric, Thank you for looking at it. I opened a ticket a few days back but did not hear anything yet. I am awaiting further instructions. Thank you for your time.