Station offline - last RSSI -50

I have my new Tempest mounted about 8 ft above the ridge of my roof on my 2 story home. Hub is in the room directly below, so about 20 ft below the device. I have had it there for about 5 days with fairly consistent connection - RSSI between hub and device about -50. I went back up today to change the orientation slightly and in doing so turned the device off and back on. Now cannot get it to connect with the hub from that location. Took it down in the house and it connected no problem, but even there, any time the RSSI got below about -40, it wasn’t able to connect with the hub. Any ideas of things to try? Again, it was working at the same location just earlier this week.
For those of you using roof mounts, where is the hub and have you had issues with signal strength?

Just for troubleshooting purposes, I did go through the steps of replacing it, then when that didn’t work, deleting the station and readding it. Works fine, but again, anything more than a wall or two between the hub and device seem to prevent a connection. Much weaker than a typical wifi connection. Station ID is 26061. I’ve reached out to support but understand they are quite overwhelmed.

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Hello @droueche,
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That doesn’t look like a normal behaviour. So reaching out support by direct notice was a good step to go.
Anyway, until they will replay to you let’s go into some points.
Did you see any differences in RSSI while turning the tempest?
What kind of walls / floor cover do you have? Are they equipped with reinforcement or underfloor heating?

Thanks! Happy to be a part of the community.

I did not see any differences in RSSI after the switch, and actually for most of the day yesterday the station somehow came online and was reporting somewhat normally, albeit with several periods of missing data. Last reported RSSI was - 51. Then last night it went offline again and has been offline since. Last reported voltage was 2.63V.

Typical US construction. Between hub and device are one layer of ceiling sheet rock, ceiling blow-in insulation, OSB decking with reflective barrier, felt paper and asphalt shingles.

RSSI of -51 shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Didn’t think so. I tried resetting the radio on the hub as well, but that didn’t do anything.

my hub rssi (for the wifi ) is -58, my rssi on the sky unit (outside on the mast) is -91 and it works fine. but -91 is probably too weak. -65 would still be a good number. Something else might be your problem, but RSSI of -51 should be ok.

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