Device Offline with Hub Online

I received an alert on my phone followed up my an email that my device is offline.

Your WeatherFlow Smart Weather SKY device named Blue Sky stopped sending data. Check that it has power and/or try moving your SKY closer to your WeatherFlow hub.

I have not changed anything and the hub appears to be online. Green light and the app says it’s connected. Not even sure where to start troubleshooting this one. Anyone have suggestions? I searched the forum and the closest post to what I am having was to power cycle the hub for 5 min, that did not work.

blah, it just came back online. Only major change is the sun is out. Could it be the power? The app is reporting the battery is “good”.

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What is the distance between Sky and Hub ?
Is the Sky solar powered ?

Yes, solar powered, the hub sits about 15’ with a wall in-between. Its the same location its been at for the past year since I first got it (not saying its not the issue just wanted to mention it has not moved). Appreciate any suggestions.

you had quite some rain just before, I wonder if you didn’t get water ingress in your solar panel. Battery level shows a sharp drop before giving up … maybe it dried up in the meantime and sun did reload it

Is it hard to take down your sky and inspect the solar panel for water leaking ???


Well after coming back up it went offline again. I then went and took the whole thing down. That is what it was. The solar panel had water inside. I removed the solar panel and put some batteries in. Not sure if it’s safe to go with the solar again?

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Ok, this is not normal even if it happens. Open a ticket with support (see menu on top). They will help you out :wink: maybe Monday as they take mostly a brake week ends.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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I too have the same issue. Now there is two days of no data from both Sky and Air while the Hub is still online. Logged as support ticket yesterday but no response yet. Station ID 7049

Helo Rod1

I just spoke to the devs and they finally found the issue (or at least they hope). It will be solved in next Firmware but it isn’t yet ready for release

For now you’ll have to go the long road. Reboot each one and most probably re add them to the hub if they don’t reconnect automatically.

app/settings/stations/manage devices/device/advanced and use the replace device so it will be added again to the same dataflow as it was.

That ‘should’ do it.

Sorry but this not often occurring bug has been playing cat and mouse for quite some time with the devs.


I think this is unrelated to the issue I had since my Air remained online. I am waiting on a replacement for the solar unit and will replace it once it arrives. Did I miss something?