Sky dropped offline, no idea why, no data backfill


Hi all,

Yesterday at around 14:40 BST, I received a notification that my Sky had gone offline. The Sky is powered with the solar add-on. We were having a lot of rain, and at around 13:30 BST (ie. just over an hour before the notification which is around when it actually went offline), I did receive several lightning notifications from my Air. Fearing the worst, I asked my partner to check, and all seemed OK (no charred molten mess at the top of my pole, at least! :smiley:)

When I arrived home last night, I rebooted the hub as a first fix. Both my Airs were reporting OK, so expected that not to resolve anything, and it didn’t - Sky still offline.

I checked the app to see if anything was reported regarding sensor statuses etc, and all was OK.

So I lowered the Sky (its only about 8ft above the ground, so easy to do), and removed the Sky+Solar Panel assy from the pole mount. Nothing obvious. I removed the Sky from the Solar Panel. Again, nothing obvious (no water pouring out or anything). I reattached the panel, and within mere moments I received the notification to say it was back online. Reattached to pole, all back in place and all seems well.

Once back online, I waited to see if the data backfilled, but over 12 hours later and no, still a gap. To date, I have never had data backfill, but I think this is the first offline period I have had since some fixes where done to that a while back. So it looks like the Sky was completely locked up (as I assume it would have been storing the weather data otherwise?)

I also noticed when it came back online, the battery had dropped to 3.33v from the ~3.52v it was on when it went offline. Does that suggest it was still being powered and draining the battery? If the Sky was dead, would the panel still charge the battery (just curious)?


I’m just providing feedback in case anyone has any clues what happened (just for my own curiosity) and to see if the backfill issue is likely due to the Sky being effectively “dead” for the period.

Is the gap in data as long as the yjme the sky has been online?
Sky buffers only a relative short time :
According to this post from David

Maybe less if fast wind mode is active.

So if the gab would be smaller then the offline time, it looks to a sticking in RF module. Does @anon84912554 can see more details ?

Yep, gap starts at 13:40 and ends at 18:25 which is the period it was not communicating (13:40 offline, 1 hour later at 14:40 I got the notification).

Thank you for the buffer info - I had in my head 8 hours for the sensors, and 8 days for the hub! So my mistake there, but does seem to be missing the 1.5hours of data. I do have it in rapid wind mode, so I guess that could have impacted it.

Removing power will cause the buffer to lose all data.


You are right. So obvious.

Ahem. Yes, I believe that is what’s technically termed, a brain-fart :smiley: :blush:

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