Both sky and air went offline at same time

My hub is online, but it shows both Sky and Air are offline and the last observation time is about the same for both, which suggest to me the hub is the issue since I doubt both would fail at the same time. I was going to reboot the hub, but thought I’d post here first on the off chance someone can tell me why it happened.
Any suggestions?

Hello Richard

indeed a rare case where all fails at the same time. On your webpage can you push the little green bullet down right … it will flip the page over with many details from all devices. Can you have a look at the Rssi values from all … maybe for some reason (interference) they suddenly are unreachable ??? (they should be between 0 and -80 db for a decent connection … over -80 can become a problem with signal loss)

I can’t see more as a reason since I have no access to data like wf people. And a reboot from hub might indeed solve it … not to sure why it would lockup … you will loose some data as the sky can only hold 1.5h of data and will normally backfill once it can reach the servers again …

You say your hub is online. By that do you mean that the light on the hub is green? I had one of my hubs get “stuck” with the light blue which means that it had a Bluetooth connection except that nothing was connected to it and it was actually offline. I had to reboot the hub and it came back just fine.

Are you able to get to the status page like @eric said? You can also get to it with the app by going to Settings, Stations, station name, Status.

Had the same happen recently and just power cycled the Hub and all devices (3 airs and 2 sky’s) auto connected and have been fine since. If you catch it within 90 minutes, the data in the devices will backfill over a short period of time.

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@eric RSSI for air was -71 and sky -66, which is pretty normal for both since install. I finally rebooted the hub, and they are talking again with RSSI values at -70 and -60.

I was off on other things and let it go longer than planned, so lost a few hours.

@gizmoev Yes, the hub both showed to be online and the light was green.

Not sure what happened. I’ll just reboot the hub if it happens again, though it would be nice to find out why and hopefully a solution in case I’m not here when if it happens again.

Also, once I rebooted the hub, it did report the last 90 minutes of data as it should.

Thanks everyone for the replies.


Glad a reboot solved it, and sorry you lost several hours of data …

Sometimes it happens, don’t think anyone ever found the reason why it hangs.

Did you get a mail to warn you that your station was ‘offline’ ? About an hour after latest contact the server is supposed to send a warning mail.

If you have skills in domotics and all the hardware/software … recognise the mail and if it comes in, send a signal to a remote switch to cut the power to the hub, wait 30 seconds and then put power back on … might be overkill for a situation that happens (hopefully) once a year :wink:

I had the same issue last week. Strange… now we are 3 within a couple of days…
I think the sub 1GHz-Module on Hub hang up. And it seems to be independent on the exact frequency option.

Dose this help anyhow, @WFsupport?

@eric it’s a nice, calm day and I have other loggers for temperature and humidity so it’s better than losing data during a storm :slight_smile:
Yes, I did get two emails, one each for sky and air. The odd thing is, after rebooting the hub, I got an email saying air was back on line, but for sky instead of telling me it’s back online, it congratulated me on adding a new device.The device ID and serial number are the same. Strange.
As far as automatically resetting the hub when an email comes in, my internet goes down regularly, so that wouldn’t be reliable. If this becomes a regular thing, I think I’d replace the hub.

Worst case scenario would be a timer that power cycles the hub once per day during a time you are unlikely going to be reading it. Maybe one of the electronic ones can be set to an off time of less than a minute.

@gizmoev A timer would work, though worse case is losing almost a day of data. I was considering a wifi switch to manually toggle it, but that would still depend on my internet being reliable. Maybe both would be good combination. Even better would be for it not to lock up :slight_smile:

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