Sky and Air loosing connection to Hub

Last Tuesday both Sky and Air went offline suddenly. After a reboot of the Hub both were immediatly online again. Did’nt pay much attention to it, both had been working flawless for several months. However last Friday the same happenend again. Both Air and Sky went offline again. Did the reboot trick with the Hub again but this time it failed. After removing both Sky and Air from my devices list and resetting both I was able to add them again to the hub. Both are working at this moment, but i’m Curious what went wrong. My station number is 4936. Firmware hub 103, Sky 43, Air 20.
In order to reset Sky I had to climb the roof, not something I want to be doing on a regular basis.

Since you reset both Sky and Air it’s now difficult to look at past data. If it happens again give the forum a chance to investigate the issue before you reset things.

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Was the only way to get it up and running again. I’m using a node red script storing data in a influxdb i use with Grafana.
The only Udp data that was transmitted was the hubs own data, nothing from Air or Sky. So it nothing to troubleshoot in my opinion.
But I could be wrong

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

As you have the data saved what are the RSSI and voltage values on the Air and Sky before they went offline, both times?

Hi Gary
Battery Voltage Skye 3,1 V RSSI -65
Battery Voltage Air 3,09 V RSSI -79

In both occasions they were similar, this this consistent with the values recorded the last few weeks.
No exceptional things to see there

-79 is borderline. That could account for part of the issue. There may have been something else that caused an additional issue which caused the Sky to drop off. Did you move the Hub, even ever so slightly? That can also account for a connection now. Remember, these units are very, very, very low power.

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Before reset i’ve placed Air approx 1 Meter from the hub to see if this would solve the problem, still nothing received by the Hub. After reset immediately the connection could be restored.
Another thing i’ve noticed, I my old Skye unit that was replaced due to a problem with the haptic rain sensor lying around. Just for testing put in some batteries again and it was also immediately found by the Hub.

The hub wasn’t moved not even slightly . In fact the hub is standing in the window on the top floor looking out over the Skye ,max 3 meters apart. Loosing connection now and then with Air placed farther away I could imagine.
Seems like the hub “lost the pairing” with both modules, or something like that.

Also both modules are losing connection at the same time, seems to me not a reception related issue but something else

That is certainly very strange and I don’t suggest you change anything that will improve the situation. Since you have well documented the issue, I can only suggest you take a ‘wait-and-see’ position.

I am documenting your device IDs as 18879 and 18882 for the Air and Sky so it is easy to find the data on the web should they be reset again.

Now your RSSI values are -66 and -50, which are pretty darn good.

Hi Gary, had the same idea just wait and see what happens.
Thanks for your help , merely posted the issue to see if there were any other owners experiencing the same issue, or somebody from WFsupport had some bright ideas regarding the issue.