How do I reconnect a sky? (see:

About three weeks ago, I lost the connection between my hub and my two outdoor sensors, a sky unit and an air unit. It was extremely cold ( last reading -5 Fahrenheit) at the time and I attributed the problem to the batteries giving out. I brought the air unit inside and was able to reconnect it by deleting it and adding it back in. In order to do this I needed to have the unit, hub and phone with app running all near each other so that I could see the lights on the hub change color when I pressed the button on the air unit.
The batteries on my sky unit may still be OK and would prefer to not climb on my snow and ice covered roof to repeat the process I used for the air. Is there a way to have the hub try to reconnect with my sky unit? Maybe its already trying and failing but would like to know.
Also, FWID, my units were running with fresh Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries installed in September 2018. The sky’s last battery card reading was 2.98v and the air was reading between 3.2 and 3.4 ( do not have the data any more as I deleted and readded the sensor).

I had the same issue today.
The sky and air lost connection with the hub.
Did some rebooting and removed the sky. ( Dumbest thing to do. )
Couldn’t connect with my phone. So I restarted it also.
Now everything is running again. But is there somehow a manner to get my old Sky data back? @dsj?


We’ve merged your old device_id with your new - there may be a gap in there, but the old data is restored.

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Great! My old data is back in the app.

Thank you verry much @dsj. :smiley:

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As a reminder, WeatherFlow customer support maintains an official HELP SECTION at Common troubleshooting solutions are also posted there.


I had the same issue a few weeks ago. Both air and sky went offline at the exact same time. Had to delete both and add back. The sky unit on the roof was no fun as I have wired external battery pack to prevent these trips. Chat with support and they indicated it’s a known but same volume issue. Anything new to update us on? Don’t want this to be a common occurrence.

Has everything been okay since the last time they dropped offline?

Yes. I appeared to have lost data when it added back but not a big deal. I’m not doing historical at this point.