Sky disconnects and now is lost

I am having a similar ‘drop-out’ then reconnect several hours later… but with an Original SKY unit with the solar panel add-on… didn’t have this during the winter time, with short daylight hours and since it is May, it should not be temperature… It was intermittant for about two months, always going down at 3 or 4 AM and then ‘waking-up’ about 7AM to 8AM. Then about the first time I saw the ‘new’ user interface, the drop-out became a permanent thing. SKY doesn’t show up in my ‘device’ list anymore. Ben STN 5138

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Your sky is indeed no more linked to the hub. In your case you’ll need to drill down to find why

  1. push the led under the sky and see if it blinks ? if no, maybe replace the solar panel with ordinary batteries and reset again … maybe solar panel is ‘dead’

  2. if it blinks re add it to your hub via the app (try first via the replace option, this way it joins the old channel and you should get your old data back) … and in case just to the pairing all over …

Let us already know how it goes.

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The sky is now connected to the hub and says it is online… the rssi is -59… If you look at all the ‘reading’ that sky sends, you can see the ‘burst’ of reading that came in for a couple of minutes and then appear to stop dead in their tracks… look at the graphs to see what I’m saying…?? Ben 5138

indeed it was online for about 3 minutes … not sure what causes this. It is running on solar power or batteries ?

Eric, It is on the Solar panel right now… I am in Charlotte, NC… 5+ inches of rain into an 8 inch predicted event… Can’t safely get the SKY down to try lithium batteries, at this time :wink: If you have the ability to look back into this unit’s history, you will find similar ‘data stoppage’ events over the past month or so. This stoppage seems to be ‘permanent’ Ben

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Eric, The sun just came out in full… between showers, the SKY just Self-restarted sending data… you can see it in the wind speed, etc readings reappearing… Is the SKY relying on the full sun to power-up and ‘wake up’? It is on solar power now.


A normal working solar panel doesn’t go like this. It has a battery capable of running the Sky for several days without sun and you see it deplete slowly.

It is again offline and you did disable sharing so I had to look under the hood. Since it is raining lately I suspect water ingress and once the sun is out long enough it dries the unit enough to power up again till it get soaked again. For the short period online I saw 3.6V which is a full battery … I really think you have the water seeping problem.

Don’t go do stupid and get it down under dangerous conditions but once it is safe, bring the Sky down and look at the solar panel if there is some water seeping out … eventually replace in the short run with the Lithiums.

Once you had a good look and found traces of the water ingress open a ticket with support, they will handle it from there since I can’t :slight_smile:


Eric, Sorry about the ‘non-share’ I got some ??? comments about weird data popping up in their weather data, I hoped you could burrow down to see it… SRY. Thanks for the action plan, I did not see something about the seepage item, (didn’t look for it, either. My bad). I will wait to look for it, but it is reassuring to know you all have a handle on this. You can watch my data to see the ‘Bop-a-mole’ solar panel problem.
Thanks, Ben

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