Sky has stopped reporting

My sky stopped reporting all data to the hub 2 days ago. The last report of the battery health at that time was “good”. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Hello Sam,
first thing to share is your station number so some can have a look at your data, also did you try to reset the Sky, is it battery driven or solar driven … hard to help with hardly any details.

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Hi @Sam Your SKY has reconnected to your Hub and is reporting observations again. The battery level looks okay. It’s possible the SKY disconnected from a poor connection or the solar power accessory stopped providing power to the SKY. Please keep us posted if this happens again. You can email or open a ticket at

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Mine stopped working too. I have the solar panel and after looking closely at the spring contact pins between solar panel unit and the sky unit, there was corrosion. I disassembled the solar attachment, cleaned and lubricated the pins (one was sticking and not fully releasing) and cleaned the contact pad. Worked fine since then. There was no sign of water intrusion.


New/replacement solar accessory installed and reporting. So far, so good. Is there a way to remove the false rain data that resulted from my fumbling around with the sky? lol

RainCheck will take care of it. That is the only way to get rid of it at this time.


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