Sky give no readings anymore

Since a few days my Sky is not giving any data, except battery info…
Anyone else having this issue?

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Hello Frans
Your sky is indeed showing failed sensors all over the place. (to see it, go to the webpage and push the green bullet down right the page, in sky section you will see if sensors fail)
I see you rebooted it about 20 mins ago ?
If indeed, I think there is not much we can do more except reboot it all over again though I don’t think it’ll do wonders. Only option I could suggest to be sure it is purely Sky, take out the solar panel and use regular batteries and see if the sensors continue to fail.
Please open a ticket with support. They’ll handle directly with you (see link on top this forum under support) as the options on the forum are limited to help you out.

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No I didn’t reboot? Is there an option to reboot?

I will make some time to remove the solar panel and turn to batteries… Let’s see if that gives more readings…

Removing power to it will reboot it. You can also press the LED on the bottom of the unit to reboot or reset it. With the SPA attached you’ll need a long thin device to reach it.

Removed Solarpanel, put some batteries in it…
No result.
Changed it back to Solarpanel…
No result.
Switched the hub off for one hour. And turned in on again.
No result.

I even got new WiFi access point today…
No result.

Because it reports battery status and even rain sensor readings I think it is broken…

Can I get support here or need I contact via website… Or somebody got an other suggestion?

You need to open a ticket with support (see link on top of the forum, under support)
They will handle your problem and do what is needed to get you a solution.
This allows them to have a follow up of your situation. Something that is pretty hard to do on a forum :wink:

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I actually experienced the same thing yesterday. The Sky was not reporting anything other than the voltage which looked good. I tried rebooting and nothing happened. Just for giggles I decided to throw in a set of batteries and removed the solar panel even though the voltage appeared fine. I also rebooted the hub, all to no avail. On the last attempt at rebooting, for some reason it came back and its been fine since yesterday.

No idea why this happened but all is well now.

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Keep a close eye on it for the near future …

Will do, Eric. Maybe the Tempest will arrive before another failure! :slight_smile:

Support ticket submitted, Thnx