Sky wind en UV sensor status

What could this be.
It seems like the wind and UV died out this early morning.

But it is still reporting to the hub.

Could it be the solar power battery?
I don’t know how far it may drop in voltage for sensors to start failing.

I think I’ve the same put batteries ib the sky if you get again sensor failures the sky might be broken I get a replacement but you better open a ticket first.

Thanks. Im at work now. So when I’m home tonight a gonna see if it restarts with batteries.

Same for me: Lost wind measurement

I see your Sky only had 4h uptime as well, which is something I am seeing frequently.

I think it had a reset. Because my Sky worked for almost 1.5 year without issues.
I gonna put some batteries in when I come home, and see what it does. :blush:

Yeah but what is causing the frequent resets, thats what I want to know :slight_smile: Mine has also been installed ~1.5 years (26th June 2018 was the first reading).

Mine is on battery now - in fact the wind sensor started failing after I switched back to battery. The UV sensor had failed previously, but came back after a reset.

Thats a good question.
I think the solar power battery has some strange drops to.
My Sky unit was reporting wind every 3 seconds. But I should be no problem with the solar power accessorie.

Bummer that I’m at work right now. Now it have to wait untill I get back home.


It looks like it could be something with the solar power battery.
I haven’t seen it charge to a higher voltage the last 2 weeks. Even when we had some sunny days.

Oke the sun is verry low around this time of year. But it had some sunshine the last 2 weeks.

Should it really be capable of running without power safe mode in these days with verry little sunshine and shortening days.

It is dropping quiet fast now.

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That’s right, under normal conditions the SOL should have enough energy to drive a Sky in 3-second-mode the whole year.

But at least as discusssed in at least one different topic there are a couple of SOL having issues actually.
Furthermore ther could be an issue with the Sky.
Please check the Sky’s behaviour on batteries and concider to contact WF support

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I see it is the SOL. Voltage is dropping further and further.

I really think it isn’t capable of giving power to the Sky in areas were there is less sun in wintertime.

I have another SOL. But that one had water leaking out of it.
So batteries it is I think… Untill spring.

My station is located in the Luxembourg region, probably not so far to you. Here the weather is not that much different I would guess and the SOL will do its job fine, if it is o.k.
Please open a Ticket.

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Nice to hear that @dsfg.
Maybe it’s because it is my second SOL.
The first one leaked water between the Sky and the SOL. There was even water leaking out the SOL. :pensive:

But this one looks fine. Only the battery is dead.

Untill I have a new one, I will rely on batteries. :blush:
And no … I live in the north of the Netherlands. So that isn’t that much difference.

Sky up and running again… Now on batteries.


Interesting…I placed my Sky at the Attic with the SOL that failed last time.
I manually charged it on a power supply at work.
I thought leave it like that for a while… And it seems that my Wind sensor came back to life after 2 days.

So wat could have cause it to fail. Light and UV didn’t came back to life.

Edit And it died again.
Placed it outside again… Weird :sweat_smile:

@dsj or @WFstaff

Oke… i had my Sky on the attic for a while now. With the solar panel attached.
For some strange reason it came back to life after a while.

It is standing outside for a while now, and I’m about to put it back on it’s pole again.

Does someone have any idea of how it gave sensor failures and after some days inside it looks like it works fine again?

The replacement is already on its way now.
Just have some mixed feelings right now.

Maybe Weatherflow didn’t have to send me a replacement. :pensive:

But let’s see how it survives the night.


Mine is just the same - been on battery since the SPA failed, and the wind and UV sensors both came back to life eventually. Same on the Air. Very weird. I tried to find some correlation between battery voltage and the sensors going off/on line, but there is none.

The one thing I have noticed - the Sky has stopped rebooting itself every few hours, its currently on 2d 13h 22m 1s and I have not seen that for weeks. I still want to know what was causing the reboots, as whatever it was seemed to coincide with the sensors going off/on line to some degree.

Thanks, guys. Please keep us posted.

Looks like my SKY’s Wind and UV/Light sensors have failed yesterday. Zero evidence of water intrusion in the SKY and Beta Tester Solar Panel Accessory. SKY battery compartment completely dry. Solar Panel Accessory was dry with no corrosion and charging/discharging normally. The sensor failures did happen while I had rain here on January 2nd and 3rd, but since there is no evidence of water, it may be a coincidence. I have tried several restarts by disconnecting SKY from Solar Accessory and the Wind/UV/Light sensors would come back online for about a minute before failing again. I have replaced the AA Lithium batteries as well for testing the sensors and the same result with coming back online briefly before failing once again.

My SKY performed very well over the fifteen months. I’ll wait until my Tempest Field equipment comes in before taking SKY down for good.

One of my SKY units did something similar. It was from the first Indiegogo shipments. There were some issues with the UV sensor seal. Other than the water in the SPA, the SKY was dry in the battery compartment but I thought I could hear a little water in the top. WF replaced it.


Hoping the Sun will work a miracle in the next couple days as the weather here trends drier and sunny. I had a Moto Razr come off my belt and fall into a bucket of water used for washing my car back in the mid 2000s. I took the battery out and left it on my front porch bannister to bake in the South Alabama hot summer Sun. It came to life and still works to this day. :sunny:

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@gizmoev Good news is the Wind Sensor has come back to life at 3:20pm yesterday (Jan 6th). There was a drop out between 10:34-10:37pm last night but now it keeps going in/out again. UV/Light Sensor is still out. Also SKY is randomly restarting. I sent a support ticket to WF yesterday morning.

Apologies for repeating myself on multiple threads, but mine did exactly the same (when it was repeatidly failing, it was lucky to get a 4h uptime before it reset itself).

Since it decided to come back to life all by itself, its been rock solid - current uptime is 23d 21h 26m 8s.