Sky is Acting Up (replaced by WF support)

Hey all, my Sky has been acting up today. It said it was raining moderate/heavy for over three hours (sunny day, little wind, no birds) then stopped. I thought all was ok, but then I noticed (see screenshot) that the wind is only being reported every 10 minutes instead of every minute. And no Solar at all.

I’ve only had my system for about two months…any idea what’s going on or what I should do? Just reset it?


what is your station number ?
Plus click on the little green bullet down the page and see if the sky doesn’t mention “wind sensor failed”

Station 6079

Yes it says “wind failed” when I clicked that green button (didn’t even know I could click that!)

time to contact support for confirmation it failed. If so you’ll get another device quickly.

support via the website :
support via mail :

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Will do, thanks eric.

Interesting enough, exactly right when the heavy “rain” false detects stopped is when the wind sensor failed. (at 9:25am)

rain (real rain) hanging in drop on the sensors can affect it’s readings but since you said it is dry and sunny …

is it hard to go get the sky and give it a good examination if something is between the plates ??

No I can grab it, it’s only two meters up. There was a little ice on the upper edge, but I didn’t see anything between it. And I don’t think that would affect the solar radiation not reporting either. I guess I can bring it inside and let it warm up and see if that fixes it, but sheesh, shouldn’t it be able to withstand the weather?

it can survive worse, got a picture this morning form a station at 0°F and still going fine :slight_smile:

Just heard back from support, they’re sending me a new Sky. Great customer support! But admittedly, a part of me is disappointed…the sensor only operated for 56 days and then died out…any ideas how/why that might happen? Am I going to have to deal with this sort of thing often?

Hopefully not again! Once we recover the faulty unit we can run some tests and look for particular issues.
Thanks for reporting this issue by the way.

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