Lost wind measurement

Hi. two days ago, my unit started to fail in reading the wind measurement, see the enclosed. So before I start acting like an orangutan and climbing thins to reach the unit, and possible thoughts as to what might have happened/failed (if something has failed. The unit has a solar unit attached and is found here

Thanks for any help

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I have a feeling you have failing sensors. When you are on your station’s webpage and you push the green bullet down right, it’ll flip over and in Sky section it will mention if sensors fail. Can you look ?

Also none of the battery cards are activated. Can you activate them in the settings please ? You use the solar panel ??

Mine is exactly the same. The UV sensor failed back in November, then after a reset worked OK. Then the SPA failed, so I swapped back to batteries. Now the wind sensor and UV sensor has failed, and the (brand new Energiser Lithiums) have plummeted.

I already have a replacement Air and SPA coming after they failed, now it looks like the Sky is really quite poorly too :frowning:

Hi Dave,
Could you pleas let us know your stationID.

@WFstaff; @WFsupport

I have the same issues with my Sky… :thinking:
May Station ID: https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/station/7375
My Sky has a solar panel attached and is located here: :world_map:

Hi everyone, thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. Please contact our customer service team for further assistance. They will take a closer look at the data from your Smart Weather account and work towards a resolution. Thank you!
Email support@weatherflow.com
Or open a ticket: help.weatherflow.com


Interesting to note, mine has gone the same way, the UV sensor has failed too, just as you describe. Now I’m trying to figure out how rto get to the station settings on my phone to change those requested !

Yesterday, I did more work on mine to try and understand what was going on.
Firstly after advice from support team, and enabling battery card, I found that neither AIR nor SKY existed under my station option, and I could not turn on the battery card option. So pulled everything in, cleaned it up, and added batteries to my sky unit to effectively replace the SPA. Amazing how even though the SKY & AIR were not listed with my station it has carried on reporting.
Anyway, deleted my old station (loss of historical data doesn’t both me) and built a new entry. SKY & AIR both there and able to switch on battery card. Put everything back outside, and will watch now to see what happens. Batteries look good. Just need to remember that the station ID number has changed now so must update a few links here and there. But let’s see what happens going forward.
Just thought I’d let others know (for now possibly don’t know yet) how I resolved my problem.
Thanks support for your advice, to help me along the way as I’m no expert here, in fact the unit is in place and reporting, kinda like left to its own devices really!

Sad news I’m afraid, it’s failed again, so clearly something is not right. Support ticket time again…