RED Light on new Sky - Sensor FAILED status

Very pleased to receive my new system, looks well made, set up and software is all good.
I am seeing No Wind ( Speed or Direction) and No Solar data either on my new Sky. Rain sensor is probably OK (as it is sensing a ‘bump’ as rain).
Other Sensor - Air is OK
SKY Sensor Status says WIND_FAILED | UV_FAILED

What is the procedure as it is an ’ out of box’ failure. anybody else have this problem?


two things before deemed as DoA

1.what is the station ID so to determine sensor status , not a solution just a reference point.
2. remove batteries momentarily just by opening the battery lid and waiit a few seconds close it to see if it goes green .
3.reset the sky unit using the reset button near the battery hold it down for 5 seconds or so. you may have to remove device from app then re add however not always necessary. only saw red light once in the past when sky couldn’t connect to hub.

fingers crossed for you if none of this works then contact weatherflow direct.


Thank you Weather34,
Station ID ? do you mean 3708 (ie the serial no.)? ( or ‘Reynard’ )
Tried the restart/reset etc. when holding the button down it flashes green, then after releasing, it flashes red ( approx once a sec).
Many thanks

PS. Not sure the direct to: weatherflow best email?

these are the led indications according staff


and here you can open a support ticket

Thank you Eric,

Yes unfortunately it looks like I have the ‘ Bad Sensor ** ‘.

Not sure about the **. But I have sent in a support ticket.

Many thanks again.


I’ve had my Sky for 1 week now and the solar sensor at first operated OK but then dropped off after a couple of days. I went through all the checks as set out in the support pages including replacing batteries a couple of times removing and reconnecting the device but I could only get solar data for a short time before drop out. I have lodged a bug ticket with WF as per Eric’s link above and have received a prompt acknowledgement of receipt.

@veteranweatherman I don’t understand if then you solved your issue or not.