SKY no longer reporting wind

Since a few days ago, my SKY unit stopped reporting wind. At the time I noticed, we were having a severe wind storm with winds locally reported up to 70kph. No rain fell. At the time, my SKY unit showed rain falling - there was none. And the wind display appeared to be corrupt in some way - mainly balk with sudden flickers of wind display. Could this have been associated with the latest software update?

You have to tell your station ID hence one can have a look.

Is your Sky solar powered ?

The false rain is most probably a vibration problem that will be handled once your device is running again.
Software updates are only done to the hub and not to the Air or Sky (until now at least, not sure it will ever happen as it is tricky to do so remotely)
What do you mean by screen flickering ? Where do you see that ? Website ? Mobile App ??
On webpage already tick the green bullet down right the page to flip it over, you’ll have more details and eventually also a message indicating if a sensor is detected as failed.

As mentioned by @dsfg please indicate your station number so @anon84912554 finds your station easier to help.

This is me.
Not yet solar powered. Waiting for that set of batteries to run out. It has been online since 30 Jun 2018.

Flicking on and off is on the Mobile app on iPhone.
When I flip it over, I see Wind failed and UV failed. Hmm. Might be failing.

Your Sky’s battery is under 3.0 volts, and it appears to have rebooted about 14 hours ago. If you enable the battery card display in the app, you should see a graph that resembles the 1929 stock market from past experience with Energizer Ultimate Lithiums taking a huge dive on their last day of life…

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OK. I’ve installed the solar panel and - the SKY unit still does not work. Today, is a bright, windy day with no rain. The wind record is flat. The rain record shows that it is raining - well that is probably wind. And the UV record shows nothing. Both AIR and SKY have good voltage. Not happy.

Have you opened a ticket for support already ? On this forum we can help basic problems but once it is really hardware related only @anon84912554 can fix and or change units.
I see that your Sky did feel some rain (might be your manipulating it) but UV etc seems flat
Since it has failed sensors… they’ll help you out quickly.

Please open a ticket at or by emailing

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@g.bell Thank you for opening a ticket, we’ll help you troubleshoot this issue and make sure you’re taken care of.