Sky unit failed after 10 days

Hello to all. New user. My SKY unit stopped reporting this morning; unit, which is solar powered, has only been in operation for about 10 days. Was working flawlessly until about 7:30 am eastern time today. I have attached any screen grab of the wind status data. If anyone has any suggestions about where the issue is, it would be much appreciated. Thanks, John

Hello John

From your screenshot it seems the battery is reading way too low. Solar panel seems to be the problem. Did it have light since you installed it ?
What is your station number (the one at the end of the webpage url). We could have a look at the history.

Can you take it down and use normal batteries and see if the sky resumes normal work ? This would confirm a failing solar panel.

Thanks Eric. Station is 13157. I had unit in box for about 3 months before I installed 10 days ago. Had partly to mostly sunny conditions for a 5 days; think overcast for other 5 days. Recently, sunny Saturday & Sunday; overcast/rain and dense fog today. Very much appreciate your input…

if the sky voltage is pure solar panel, it never ever charged at all, it should have jumps to +/- 3.6V
Not much can be done more on forum

Please open a ticket at or by emailing and WF staff will most probably send you a new unit. In the meantime do the test with normal batteries to be sure Sky works normal (and this way you have readings till the new SPA comes)

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Agree… Hoping snow melts off the roof over the next couple of days so I can switch unit to batteries. Have already sent ticket to WF support. Thanks for your quick responses… John

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be careful up there, slippery conditions :slight_smile: :santa: :snowboarder: :snowflake: :snowflake:


Eric… not sure why, but sky unit just came back online? The last 2 days have been exceptionally damp with a nearly saturated low-level atmosphere (foggy)??? The battery level still seems low so not sure why it would have just comeback online? Hub location, has not change and is very close (within 40 feet or so)…

Eric, local sky conditions has brightened up and battery level has increased from ~2.44 to ~2.60??? Does that tell us something?