I think my Station may have just failed

Only in service since about October 27, 2019, my Roof top pole mounted sky unit has failed for low voltage (solar panel, no battery). Voltage dropped to 2.11V, and STATE says “REPLACE”.


We have probably been in the 20’s a few days, perhaps as low as 10 - 20F a few mornings (oh, I guess it is in my records! 11/13 7.2F), maybe one or two 3" snow flurries. It can get down to -30F (more like -25F a couple of mornings a year), with up to four foot snows here in central New York.

So what do I need to do now. Fortunately, there may still be time to get on the roof to access the 10’ pole before the roof gets ice covered, sometimes for weeks. Do I need to replace the sky unit?

I really like these projects (I ordered a Tempest), and what your company is doing. I tell others about my new weatherflow station every chance I get, and how pleased I am with it.

Please tell me these units do not routinely fail in less than one year (Or, please solve the problem).

It looks like the solar panel stopped charging on November 5th or so, and it has been running off of battery ever since. Best to open a ticket with WeatherFlow support, so they can evaluate and get a replacement en route if they confirm the problem…


Ticket sent, copied link to here.

Came back for a bit yesterday, not sure why, if as thought earlier, no charging since Nov. 5. How many days does it take to start the replacement process (it’s only been 24 hours, they are probably busy).

Time allowing, tempted to recover it, remove the solar accessory, look for water / corrosion, then run on batteries till I get the replacement sky unit.

How much does the solar panel affect wind speed and direction? If they run long enough, is the unit more accurate on batteries (without the aerodynamics of gen 1 solar panel)?

@Emtonsti Just got to your ticket now, we’ll take care of you there :slight_smile:

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