Sky and Solar Panel (Station 2527)

Hello all. I just removed 8 batteries to mount solar panel on my SKY unit.
How much time is needed to see it again online? I thinked it was something immediate…
Don’t even know why it shut down… batteries seemed to be good…

I tag @dsj, @dsfg for help.

Hi Max,

Your Sky was working properly until you took of the batteries. Correct?
Normally, you should see the actual values in the Card-Vie of the App immediately (less than a minute) after the solar module is connected.
Did you see the green LED blinking when you connect the SPA to your Sky and look through the SPA from the bottom to the Sky?

Have you put the SPA in the sun to charge in advance?

Thank you @dsfg for your quick reply.
SKY was working regularly until I received the OffLine notification (with usual 1 hour delay). I say in my mind “it’s time to switch to solar power”. Since it’s on the roof (very dangerous) I made everything as fast as I can. There’s also sun so I didn’t see any green LED light coming through Solar Panel plastic. Sorry… and no, I didn’t charge it.

After I wrote the message above I had another offline status but this time for AIR unit. Then as it happens at least once a month, I had to redo setup of HUB (don’t know why, but switching between 2 wifi network made the HUB reporting again).

Now everything is online. Thank you again.
Maybe be my HUB has some issues…

If you can take look at my station graphs you can see no interruption on AIR data but SKY stopped for a long time. When I setup wifi everything returned online but I loose some SKY acquisitions. Battery seemed to be good by graphs… I don’t know what’s happened in the meanwhile.

This sounds a little strange, but maybe the SPA had to charge first. How long do you have it in the shelf?

I took a look at the shared data of your station and it looks all good to me now.
I will take a look tonight and tomorrow again, if more trouble occurs, support will have to have a look onto.
The WIFI-procedure is unusual. Did you read some of the WIFI related topics here? How is your WIFI situation (SSIDs, 2.4GHz, 5 GHz, Channels (of your and the neighbors WIFIs).

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I have all access points with 5GHz disabled so I only work with 2.4GHz WiFi.
Thanks for your help.