Sky Station keeps going offline

My Sky device constantly goes offline and I am missing large chunks of data daily.

I have read other posts about stations going offline, and understand to position the Hub and Stations so that the RSSI signal strength is an acceptable value of above -50. I have done this repeatedly and all three units are within 5 meters of each other and the WIFI router.

The current values are:
Hub: -57
Sky: -49
Air: -41

I have restarting the Sky device and the hub many times. I am at a loss what else to do. Please Help!

Glen Lancaster
Station Number 10003
Sayultia, Mexico

It looks like your Sky is powered by a solar panel that may have an issue. I would remove the panel and try a new set of high quality batteries in your Sky. If that solves it, contact WF support for a SPA replacement.


I have removed the solar panel and put in fresh batteries twice. The unit consistently goes online around 11:30 at night and offline at around 7:30 in the morning. This sounds like some sort of networking issue or setting within the network I have looked for everything and can’t find anything that might cause this.

I have also moved the hub so that it is less than 2 metres away from the sky station and indirect sight of the Wi-Fi.

Your Sky on/off times look too regular to be a normal device failure (in my opinion) and you ruled out the SPA with 2 battery sets. Your Air seems to reporting fine, so that eliminates some other causes as well. The Sky battery voltage drop over days looks higher than normal but there’s not enough info to make a determination from what I can see.

Please contact support so they can take a look at it.

Just wild speculation on my part, but your area has made changes to it’s 900 MHZ RF bands recently and I’m wondering if there’s some daily interference going on.

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radio signals look good enough

But I wonder if by any chance there is a little wire broken that makes random contact. Can you open the battery lid and have a close look at the 2 wires that run from the contacts to the inside. None is loose or near loose by any chance ??


Good point, Eric.
It seems to be correlated to the temperature / sun rising and downing. So, a temperature induced length variation is a possible root causing these phenomena. But where is it located?