Sky unexpectedly going offline

Looking for some thoughts on why my Sky device went offline for 6 days. Six days ago it unexpectedly went offline (Air was and has been ok) and then unexpectedly came back online today. Batteries, voltage and signal is perfectly fine and I didn’t move or change anything in those 6 days. I did have to get a replacement hub (first one died) and it connected properly and was ok until it went offline.

Using IOS 12 / Apple iPhone 8
App version v2.44 (190)

Is there a way of being able to tell what happened? My unit is properly mounted on my roof so going up there all the time to fix or reset it is a nightmare.

Love the units though!
Thanks, Jamie

What were the RSSI values before it went offline? What was the battery voltage on the Sky?

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Hi Jamie, thanks for reporting this. The battery voltage looked very low on Dec 20th-21st. Though, not exactly sure on why the SKY dropped offline and couldn’t reconnect for 6 days.

RSSI looks good with SKY at -55 and battery voltage is at 3.47 volts. Are you using energizer ultimate lithium batteries?

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Thank you Tim and Gary, it looks like the new batteries I put in on Dec 20th were faulty so I replaced them again yesterday and the voltage is back up and it is back online. It was really warm here yesterday so I am guessing the batteries warmed up just enough to give enough voltage to temporarily come back online.

Thanks for your help

Keep an eye on the voltage drop on the Sky. There have been a couple of reports where the Sky is bad and will drain the batteries quickly.

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Thanks Gary, I have noticed the voltage has dropped from 3.48 to 3.27 in 24 hrs and that is with the lithium batteries as recommended. It is however significantly colder today which may attribute to the voltage so I will definitely keep an eye on it. I have also turned on Power Save mode on the Sky to see if that helps.


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