Sky: Strange voltage drop after 1 week offline? (3.4v to 3.1v in 1 week while offline)

Hi all,

Strange thing happened to my Sky here in The Netherlands.

I installed the Sky in october 2018 and te battery voltage has been around 3.4V since then.

Suddenly during my holiday, the Sky went offline on the 24th of August.

When I got home after 1 week, I powercycled the HUB, but the Sky did not come back.

So I went up the roof and powercycled the Sky. Fortunately the Sky was online again within 1 minute.

However: the voltage has dropped from 3.4v to 3.1v in 1 week without being online (see picture).

Is there something wrong with my Sky?

Or was there a firmware upgrade the shutdown my Sky?


perhaps just too obvious, but most likely after a year your batteries are running out, don’t you think?

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If you bought the recommended batteries, they tend to have a ‘very’ quick dropoff. There have been numerous threads in the last year about this in the forums.

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I would agree with vinceskahan, depending on the Power save mode of the Sky the time to change the batteries has arrived, in case you are using the recommended energizer batterie. We have seen ist several times that they drop very quickly at he end of ther lifetime.
Hence, they might have been recovered a little during the time the Sky has been offline, or due to temperature conditions, but I expect they will “be empty again” very soon.
What is sour station ID ?


This is my station:

I use the recommended lithium batteries and have powersave mode on. The winters in my place are not cold at all.

Do you have an idea what happened on 24th ?
As it is some more days ago, I have no idea, as I am not able to access the one minute-data.
The six might work probably until 2.9 / 2.8 V for shure and in some cases down to 2.2 V.
Anyway, it might be a good idea to have some new batteries by hand within the next days.

Caused by the thunderstorm approaching Florida, it is voluntary when some at WF will have a look into this topic…


I dont know what happened on the 24th as I was on holiday and only got a message that the Sky was offline and not reporting data.

Upond return from holiday, I went up the roof and powercycled the Sky and it worked again. Btw, I see that the voltage is now rising from 3.10v to 3.17v.

Strange… the @anon84912554 People have to have a look into… when they have survived… :wink:

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I live north of Montreal with cold, cold weather and my battery (Enegizer lithium max) are installed since May 2018 and they are still performing like the first day. Stick to the recommanded battery and it will be perfect.

This morning reading were 3,42 and 3,27.

Guess I’m right: 3,42 is the reading from Air and 3,27 from Sky wich is in Power save mode ?

It is discussed here, energizer batteries are in different qualities (maybe some are fakes) in the market…