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I don’t know if this is asked yet but I see more drop in my Voltage of my SKY as in my AIR
AIR drops aprox in 4 days from 3.5 V too 3.45 V difference 0.05 V so not to worry about atm/

But AIR 3.35 V dropped to 3.1 V difference 0.25 V I use the lithium batteries. The outside temp is about 23 C noon and drops in the night to about 10 C not very cold and the SKY is exposured to the sun so sometimes it heats up much more as the AIR (sorry about the Centigrades :wink: )

Any consideriations or explanations , do I’ve to get worried ? link to WF observations

Added screenshots

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It is your Sky dropping low but it can be that the batteries aren’t yet ‘stable’. Often they drop the first days and then come back to a ‘normal’ level and live from there on. Your Sky is running for 10 days now. If you can, have a second look at the batteries (not one having a bad contact, some dirt on a contact … and if they are all in the correct position)

See how it goes and if Monday they are still showing a lowering trend, time to contact WF …

support via the website :

support via mail :


@eric thanks for the info I will keep an eye on it

Hello, I assume this is unusual, my Sky batteries (Energiser Ultimate Lithium) lasted just 90 days. Does that indicate a faulty unit? The voltage seemed to drop quite quickly towards the end, and I got no warning of low battery voltage. I had noticed the voltage discharge slope increase, but I assumed that’s what was normal. I have replaced with Alkaline until I can get some more Ultimates.
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it is not normal but as to say why ??? Time to call in support and ask their opinion/advice

support via the website :

support via mail :

Thanks Eric.


I’ve received the new batteries, not installed yet as I haven’t been home in the daylight, but I thought I’d compare the batteries to see if the weight was different (according to my searches an indication of a fake battery) - no significant difference… (and the batteries all looked the same and looked genuine).
The voltages were more interesting: one old battery was 0.13V lower than the average of the rest. Perhaps not a lot, and if the previous discharge slope is an indication, it’s worth about 2 months of use.
So perhaps no problem with the batteries, and still the possibility of a high-drain Sky. I will install the new batteries and see how they last.
In case anyone’s interested …here’s the chart:


Hi I have had air and sky running for about 30+ days sky batteries are fine at 3.48v but air is down to 2.39v an d not connecting
The lithium batteries I put in the air were actually use3d once in a camera to take 3 photos and the start voltage was around 2.9v .
Should they be dropping that quick
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That does seem a little strange but they were pretty low to start with. Mine are at 2.99 and holding well.

I will suggest you put in fresh batteries and see how it preforms. 2.4 is the cutoff so it’s time to replace.

Hi Gary I will have to put standard batteries in until I can get more I have been away for 3 days and they were around 2.5 I just didnt expect them to drop that quick. Regards

Once you put new lithium batteries in it should last a year. If you see it dropping after two months, contact support.

The only way to seriously test is with a fresh set of known good lithium batteries.

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Thanks Gary will get new ones early next week

Hi all

I found this thread after I found my Sky stopped working this morning (about 6 hours ago).

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the battery graph. I put a brand new set of Energiser Ultimate Lithium batteries into the Sky on September 6, 2018. The app is showing the voltage as 2.68V and state is “good”.

Obviously, I’m going to install a new set of batteries, but the documentation says that these particular batteries (at $18 a set here in Australia!) should last a year. These have lasted just 4 months.

What does everyone think?