Temperature vs Battery Voltage

I become fascinated by silly stuff so forgive me…

I’ve been watching my Sky’s battery voltage since installation in January. I realize that battery voltage changes with temperature but when I overlaid the temp and voltage graph screenshots in Photoshop, I was surprise at how close the voltage tracked with the temperature. The batteries are like their own self-contained thermocouples.



Most cells react adversely to cold.

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I have also noticed this over time and accept the performance as all batteries are like this: Now if only the units had thermal insulation around the batteries we could eke out a few more volts over life. :slight_smile :wink:

I replaced my batteries yesterday as they were just over 3v (3.04v) but noticed that the temperature recorded suddenly jumped higher with battery voltage. I handled the unit with my hands very briefly and might be the source of higher recorded temperature but I did not expect such a jump as this was all done outside in the cold. The Dew-point quickly returned to about where it was before changing batteries.

I changed the batteries because I’ve had it in the past that the unit suddenly stop working somewhere around three volts or less. At this point the battery voltage drops rapidly.

Then I noticed the new batteries voltage drop quite a bit after changing them. They are new (purchased a month ago). Maybe they’re not as fresh as I thought and pretty sure the are the real brand as recommended by Weatherflow.

I have noticed that with lower ambient temperatures, the battery voltage will drop and in warmer temperatures the voltage will increase. That I guess is as a result of the chemical nature of batteries and temperature.

To clarify, you were changing the batteries in your AIR or SKY?

Sorry, I missed that detail - it was my AIR - I’ve named it ‘Earth’ and you can see on Sunday’s graphs at https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/station/2434/grid

The Sky I’ve called ‘Sky’ - not very conventional, I know :grin:

Just wanted to clarify. My AIR is still on the original batteries. You might have something else going on that is causing a higher battery drain.

I’d contact support and let them review your data.

Thanks, I’ll contact support.
My previous set of batteries have lasted around 6-months. The SKY is about 30-meters from the HUB if that makes any difference at all due to the distance of transmission although it’s been very reliable where it is.